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July 30, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I'm sure Ozzie forgot all about be left behind once you came home. And you know you had a lot more fun not having to look after the brown tornado. Remy and Meela are so pretty. Are they leashed together or is Remy leading Meela?


Oh, my! Poor Ozzie!! Maybe it's time for a doggie play date to get over being left behind? :)

Vicki W

Ozzie has more personality than most humans that I know!


Lol poor Ozzie... what a ham! He may be able to milk this one for quite awhile for some extra love and treats :o)


Nicole, how could you??? Of course you should have taken Ozzie. I am sure if you had simply told him that you expected gentlemanly behavior, he would have delivered! You now owe him a fun event. Your post is too cute.


He just keeps getting cuter and more personality.


On the other hand....Ozzie may have been thing - "Thank goodness they are gone and I can kick back and be my true laid-back self since I don't have to entertain the humans! Its so tiring being a dog."


Look at him...OMG he is just too much. What a personality.


That picture of him in the window is priceless. Gosh, he's just so adorable.


Poor Ozzie! And yes, it is Labradoodle - and yes, they're gorgeous. My mother has 2 and they are the cutest and friendliest dogs that I've ever met. However, her dogs are much more Labra- than Meela seems to be, as she looks quite -doodle with her lovely curly coat.


Oh Nicole,
you made me laugh...Poor Ozzie...
I´m sure he would have had much fun with Remy and Meela. What a beautiful little Lady she is...
Have a nice day!!


Oh poor, poor Ozzie - I hope he doesn't opt to take revenge . . . on a favorite pair of shoes or something *S*

Miss Jean

Oh, Meela is a beauty. I think you should play matchmaker with her and Ozzie!

Mary Wood

A big doggy Bone and a big hug will make him feel better he is Adorable.
Hugs Mary.


I'm dying over the photo of him standing on the nightstand. I can't believe he just didn't move a stool over, grab the spare keys and drive there himself! What a charmer he is.


Poor Ozzie! Maybe you shouldn't mention the other 4 legged guests to him!...Who knows what kind of revenge he might think up!


i'm not sure i could say no to that face.


Poor Ozzie! Did he make you feel bad enough to give him treats?


Oh that's just sad :(. He really is a charmer and knows how to turn it on doesn't he. He just keeps getting cuter by the day and it would be so hard to be mad at that sweetie pie. He would have had sooooo much fun running with the other pups, but this way you could relax way more I bet, LOL.

Hugs - Karen


I've been reading your blog for about a month...Ozzie is the most photogenic dog ever. I don't know what I enjoy more...your quilts or Ozzie. I have a labradoodle named Nellie. She's much a lab. Her apricot fur looks like a guinea pigs! She is sweet also but can be a scamper too. I really enjoy seeing your quilts. Heidi


Enjoyed this post so fun was this to see Ozzie standing on the nightstand looking out at you all? And the photo of Remy being sadddled with M. all day...when you know he would rather be wrestling around with Ozzie! Too fun!


Oh that Ozzie, what a cute little ham!

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