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July 18, 2008


Cindy D

Oh my goodness, I am glad to hear that Ozzie is okay. Do you think this will curtail his little adventures of being curious. I hope so.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thank goodness Poor Ozzie is ok. And I'll bet Nicole could use a nice glass of wine after that scare.

Nancy lord! What next???!!!! Poor Ozzie and poor you! That would be very frightening. I hope Ozzie will feel better after he sleeps. Sorry you both had to go through that. Who would have thought when you got out of bed this morning that your day was going to turn out like that? Just goes to show we never know what each new day will bring. Have a great weekend. Nancy in WI


Oh no! I am so glad it ended okay. Remember when Beau ate a needle at Kate's house? They were more concerned about the possibility of thread than the needle - which did eventually work its way out with just a little assistance.

Poor guy - give him a hug and kiss for me.

Dandelion Quilts

Oh my! Poor Ozzieman. He does get into things like no other dog I have ever heard of. Sounds like it was good you figured it out when you did. What a day.


Oh, this incident is no laughing matter. I'm so happy he is okay now. You must have been so frightened. Thank goodness you took him with you and discovered the problem. Hugs to you and Ozzie.

Lisa D.

Poor Ozzie - I'm glad he's ok. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's hard to keep him out of everything - he's pretty wiley as I've witnessed firsthand!


I'm always afraid of this happening. I'm so glad it was a happy ending!


That is just crazy. I didn't know a dog would swallow a bobbin.


Oh my gosh! Poor Ozzie! Well, I have cats, and they get into trouble too. I have one little kitty who several years ago managed to find a needle and thread that I was going to use to sew on a button, left it on the bathroom counter for seconds and came back, gone. I found her just in time choking it down! I couldn't believe it, she swallowed the needle and thread! Took her to the emergency room, they said it is very common for cats to do that! I don't know how she did it! Anyway, $800 later, after an operation, she was fine. I am soooo careful with my needles and thread now. Anyway, I am so glad the little stinker is ok!


Oh Ozzie! Poor little guy ((((hugs))) I am so glad he is okay. He is such a special dog. Thank you for the warning. I have westies and I would be devastated if anything happened to them like that. Also be careful of carrot pieces. My dog snitched one and almost died...


I'm so glad came out of that little escapade okay. He's such a cutie. I have a cat who loves to chew anything stringy. One time I saw something black dangling off his tail. I called my husband to see and he pulled a good foot and a half of black thread out of the cat's nether regions. Eew! Thank goodness it came out without getting tangled in his intestines! We (and he) got lucky!


Oh my goodness, Nicole! When I looked at Ozzie's photo, I thought he looked "more sedate than usual". As we all know, that just isn't Ozzie's MO. Then I proceeded to read the frightening scenario~~poor Ozzie, and poor you! I'm so glad he didn't swallow the thread, and I'm so glad you are his loving Mommy. p.s. Your Friday finish is simply stunning~~again, you are such an inspiration!

Mary Wood

Thank goodness Ozzie is all right he could have gotten the cotton anywhere The hem of a dress that was on the clothes line oroff the edge of a rug you just never know if only he could talk. you will never know.
Hugs Mary.


Aww poor Ozzie, I can imagine the panick you must have felt. I have a dog who loves to grab every loose thread, I'm constantly removing it from her mouth.


Poor Ozzie! I'm so glad he's OK. ~Adrienne~


Oh, Nicole!! Thank goodness you took him with you and noticed the problem! And thank heavens they were able to remove the thread without invasive surgery!
I'm always nervous about our cats around thread 'cause I've heard how dire the consequences really can be.
I am so glad Ozzie came through this okay!


Omigoodness! I'm SO GLAD that Ozzie is ok! What a terrible experience, I feel awful for you!


so glad Ozzie is going to be okay! (((hugglies))) for you

faith marsden

thank goodness Ozzie is home and yes its so scary when dogs do something out of the ordinary, ozzie is lovely bless him all cuddly


Thank heavens it wasn't more serious for your baby boy! This has been a good reminder. I pick up dropped pins immediately so no one (me included) steps on them, but I hadn't thought about the possibility of my pups swallowing loose threads or a needle. I'll be much more careful.


Poor Ozzie, but thank god, everything is ok right now...What a horrible start in the weekend... Your last quilt is so amazing. It´s fun and inspiration to look at it!
I wish you a nice relaxing weekend with NOTHING BAD!!!
All the best for you and Ozzie!


I don't know whether you are Ozzie are going to gray hair first, but the two of you are definitely headed there. He is as bad as raising a child when it comes to worry, lol. Glad he is ok, Nicole. It will take a couple of days for you I am afraid.

Jane Weston

How scary! Glad it all worked out and that Ozzie is home safe and sound.


Ohmygod, Nicole, it must have been terrible for both of you! Poor Ozzie!
I'm so glad that everything turned out fingers are crossed that it won't happen again...!! Big hugs to you two,

P.S.: thinking of fingers crossed - mine are still crossed for your job :o)

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