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July 23, 2008



Hi Nicole,
how exciting - congratulations! I'm sure you'll soon get used to your new job and do it well. It's amazing what you've sewn in such a short time - it surely becomes a beautiful quilt. Wish you a great weekend in orlando and much, much watermelons ;o)
Hugs, Julia


Congratulations on getting the job you wanted! That is a fabulous quilt you are going to take on and I will certainly be looking for pictures of your progress. The stars and fabrics look like something that would blend right in with my quilting style.


Congrats on your new job. I hope it works out the way you want it to. Have fun with Mickey.


Congrats on the job!!!!! Have a fun trip.


Congratulations on the job, on going to Disney World, and on the quilting adventures. You have been a busy girl! I'm also glad to hear that Ozzie is back to his old self and will be up to his antics again soon. Looking forward to hearing of your fun with Mickey when you return.


Congratulations on your job! I am happy for you. Wish I could babysit Ozzie!!

The quilt you are working on is a nice one! Love the stars and that fabric line.


Congratulations! Can't wait to see the latest quilt on Friday!


A BIG congrats to you on this job. I hope it's everything you want it to be :). Have a great trip away and go eat some fruit, LOL.

Hugs - Karen


Congratulations on the job!!!! Can you share with us what the it is?

That is the pattern that I am using for my Two-Color challenge. I love it! Have the center done and still working on the all those stars!

barbie Jo

Wow, that sun sure is bright! Congratulations on your new job, I felt pretty confident you had that in the bag. You should be seeing lots of that sun in FL, have lots and lots of fun!


Congratulations on the job!

I can't wait to see the Friday finish -- those fabrics are absolutely glorious!


Congratulations on the new job...I know how much you wanted it. And a huge congrats on dropping those pounds...oh I remember when I did South Beach I couldn't wait for fruit. Can't wait to see your finish...I love that pattern. And your red and white is just beautiful. If I lived closer Ozzie could spend his days with my boys.


Congratulations onthe job ~ hope it is all you're wanting/needing it to be! My boss and his wife take their Westie to doggy-daycare while they're at work...


Congratulations on the new career journey - enjoy!

Wow, your quilt is going to be another stunner.


The Allspice Tapestry blocks are gorgeous. When I first saw this line I wasn't impressed. Now that I see it being used I may have to get the collection.

Nancy Watkins

Congratulations on the job! Have fun with Mickey too. That quilt in the magazine is one I almost bought so it is fun to see it done in other colors. Have a great trip!
Nancy in WI


Congratulations on the job. It always feels good to get something you have wanted. My back to work at the college I work at is coming up soon as evidenced by the amount of e-mail I have been getting from my students. I guess getting up early would probably be good about now so it won't be so much of a shock! Have fun with Mickey.

Vicki W

Maybe you should head on over to the Goodwill and buy some cheap shoes for Ozzie to eat when you leave him for work.


Congratulations on the job, Nicole! I love the quilt you're working on - it is beautiful! I am loving every one of your Friday Finishes, too - every one is absotively gorgeous!
Enjoy your time with Mickey!!


Hello Nicole,
congratulations!!! And all the best for your new job. You will see, everything will go well. Have a nice time with Mickey ;o)


Congratulations on the new job!!! And the two color challenge is sucking!!! I love it but I've been knitting. It's more portable.

I'm guessing there won't be a Friday finish every week!


Congrats on the weight loss, the new job and have fun on the trip. But I do fear for poor Ozzie. LOL!!!


congratulations on getting the job!!! enjoy mickey! eep! is there only one week to go until the two colour quilt challenge is due??? surely you are mistaken!!??? *lol*

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Congratulations on the job, Nicole, and on the four lost pounds. As you might guess, I'm worried about Ozzie. But I'm sure he'll get used to the new arrangement. I don't know how I've fallen so in love with a dog I've never met in person. But even my husband Vann always wants to know what Ozzie has done today. Have fun in Orlando.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

...and I forgot to say, that I still have only two blocks on my two-color quilt done. I'm quite sure i won't make the Aug. 1 deadline. Your star blocks are gorgeous, btw.

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