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July 28, 2008



Humidity equals huge hair for me too! We have very humid summers and on the worst days I just give up!
How's Ozzie?

Lisa D.

Welcome back, my friend. I hope you had a wonderful time!


Looks like a wonderful place for a vacation, but you were on business, right? Glad you had a good time.


Oh yes, that is the main thing I DON'T miss about Texas. I lived on the gulf coast for 45 years and frizzy hair was just a way of life. Aren't those WD resorts just wonderful? I attended a seminar there once and do they ever know how to pamper you!! Glad you're home and I suppose getting ready to head back out into the work-a-day world!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That looks a whole lot like my summertime hair--except mine is blonde.


I'm so glad you had a good time. The Dolphin/Swan are beautiful hotels. I'm so glad my hair is stick straight...not one speck of curl in it so thankfully I don't have to worry about the daily frizz and big hair.

Mary Wood

Welcome Back Nicole it looks like you had a good time It all looks very posh to me I am a stay at home person Dont travel much it all sounds very exciting.
Hugs Mary.

Miss Jean

We went to New Orleans in June one year! Woa! Talk about heat and humidity!!!!! I wonder if they ever get used to it? Big Hair! Funny!!! Bet Ozzie was glad to see you. Do you start work tomorrow? Good Luck!


How pretty!! But that hair!!! Sister we've gotta talk. LOL!!


We used to live in South Carolina and when we moved to to Idaho my kids almost didn't recognize me with my straight hair! We also love Orlando.

barbie Jo

Welcome back. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Gee whiz though, my hair gets really flat when I'm there! Give Ozzie a pat on his cute little head.


I was born in Florida and I was blessed/cursed to have curly hair! What a disaster!

Anyway, I now live in southern CA, where I am miles away from the humidity! I don't miss the heat at all!

Glas that you enjoyed your trip!

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