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July 16, 2008



Eight weeks to find out you're a finalist?? Yikes!
Maybe Ozzie can help you with the sewing. ;-)


I thought they weren't supposed to be able to ask your age anymore before hiring you! Once you're hired, they can, but not before.
How bad do you want this job?


I'll come pick your threads out for you. I like that job, weird, huh? Good luck on the job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Nancy in WI


Yeah, I thought the age thing was against the law. What's with that? I do know what you mean about the lack of concentration though. I just can't get it together. I might have one thing done all day. Sad really.

Good luck with the job hunt. They're painful that's for sure.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Job searching must be even more of a pain these days than when I had to do it--which hasn't been for many years. Good luck, Nicole.


Hi Nicole,
my fingers are crossed for you - I hope you'll get this job!
I know these days, best is to go to bed and wait until the next morning arrives...perhaps Ozzie can cheer you up and keep you busy :)
Doesn't anyone knows a shortcut for getting rid of all the short tread pices after seam ripping?
Best wishes, Julia


could be worse, in france they require a photo, along with your marital status, and your age.... nothing better than outright discrimination rather than underhanded...

rippit (should sound like a frog) stitches are the worst. nothing more frustrating than sewing all the way and then realizing!


Just think, if you get the job you'll have the money for fabric, but no time to do anything with it! ;)
Good luck!


I was terribly math challenged yesterday. I am cutting fabric, all scraps, for Return to Sender, and for the life of me I could not figure out how many red, how many green and how many neutral sets I needed to cut because of course I can't do the pattern size-I am making it bigger! I felt like a dufus all day. I think it's menopause calling or as my daughter calls it, "mentalpause"!!


Hang in there, Nicole! I personally think 8 weeks is, like, 7 weeks and 6 days too LONG! Try a piece of scotch tape to pull out all those wispy pieces of thread. It probably wont' get ALL of them, but if you are like me, and have to have them ALL GONE, it will give you a head start!

Cindy D

Oh hang in there Nicole with the job hunting. What type of requirements does this job have that it hs taken them 8 weeks to decide and yes it is illegal to ask your age prior to hiring you.


They are not supposed to ask your age. It's against the law.


I think I'd suggest you just pour yourself a nice glass of wine and dream about that new job you're about to get. Will keep everything crossed for you, and hope it doesn't take them another 8 weeks to let you know.

faith marsden

good luck on the job yes I agree with the other comment pour yourself some goody wine and think positively and actually doing that job yeah imagine yourself going there doing the job, the lot and what you have to do and never know, positive thinking does wonders and opens pathways suitable for you

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole I hope you get your job Think Positive my fingers are crossed for you. I hate having to un pick anything it takes up so much time and makes me angry that i got it wrong in the first place.
Hugs Mary.

Karen Lee

Oh my friend, what lovely musings!

Your spirit is beautiful.



Wow 8 weeks is a heck of a long time to be waiting. Sounds like it could be worth it tho - they would be lucky to have you. Hang in there, when I sew my ripper is my best friend,LOL.

Hugs - Karen

maree  watt

Good Luck with the job & your sewing,glad I didn't have to wait so long for a job.....

Ginny Worden

Good Luck. It is hard enough to look for a job, never mind going through the interview process, and then waiting for them to make a decision. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


In California they cannot ask your age. I don't understand why they were calling to verify that and at that time of the day! I really hope you get it, if that's what you want! =)


Good luck with the job prospect. And the unsewing (yuck).


I doubt it was about your age and more likely for your background/credit check. They do that more often nowadays...the credit check. Why I don't see. Hope you get it!

Miss Jean

Well, Nicole, first of all they can't ask your age. So when they ask your birthdate all you need to give them is the month and day. It's great that you are being considered, though. My sister is looking for a job and she's having a dreadful time finding anything! Good luck!!


I didn't think age could be asked on an employment app. Oh, well, maturity has it's points, we know how to work, lol. I hate it when everything I am trying to do goes wrong, but that's why we have seam rippers I guess. Hope this job comes to fruition for you. Good Luck!!


I am a seam ripping queen so I surely feel your pain! BTW - they really cannot ask you your birthdate until after you are hired.

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