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July 09, 2008



But it's blue!!! Everything blue is beautiful!!!
I've been saving blues and blue and whites. I just might have to dig into them when I get back from our Alaskan cruise! (PS I love the title of this post.)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Well but you can use your "waste" in another beautiful quilt. So it's not really waste.


If you would like to trade your waste, let me know your heart's desire and we can swap. I could put that waste to good use on my Living the Dream Quilt.

n, np


You have certainly accomplished a lot. Log cabin blocks are some of my favorites and I am with you on cutting all the "logs" and then making the blocks. I have tried several other techniques and mine always come out kind of wonky. Great job on your quilts!


Couldn't agree more, I always precut my logs. How do you get so much done? Must be that sweet four-legged helper you have!

Patti O'Donnell

if you want to get rid of it, just send it to me. I want to do a blue and white quilt and that would just make a perfect addition. I'm not afraid to use scrapes! PattiO

Karen Lee

I honor your determination! I look forward to the entire picture. I'll bet this is going to fantastic. I might jump up and down...just a feeling I have.

Lisa D.

Ooo - but it will be so pretty! Glad you were able to work it out. You can always use the pieces on the back if you want to go to that much work, or it sounds like a trade with another blogger might be just the ticket!


Well, you go girl. I couldn't have done it.


if there are any selvage edges in those waste strips, I'll gladly take them off your table/floor/etc. I'm guessing you'll have lots of offers to swap those leftover strips for fat quarters or half yards... I'm adding my name to the group!


Your quilt looks, from that picture, like it will be absolutely fabulous!
The "scraps" could be used in another, less controlled, quilt or even as background fabric for small blocks of applique or -- yes, I know -- traded! That is gorgeous fabric!!


Well it might be wasteful but it will be beautiful when it's done. I'm sure that fabric could be used somewhere down the line - in fact there's another challenge for you :)

Hugs - Karen


Speaking of scraps, my squishie arrived today and and I was oohing and aahing all over the place. I love your scraps!!! Thanks so very much. BTW, I cannot wait to see this Friday finish. I think it's going to be my favorite yet!!!


It turned out beautiful!
You could use the scraps for something else it will be fine.

Suzy :)

Like they said... not "waste"! SCRAPS... you could pile them up and cut more matching strips / pieces for something else. You could also incorporate them into accompanying pieces for the room... pillows, bed-skirt, valances, table-runners... you name it!

Would they work for a kaleidescope style quilt? Looks like a lot of white space, but it might create a loose, spidery, lacy looking design...


totally signing up for you to mail me the leftovers.... that fabric is GORGEOUS!

gloria g.

I think you should have a drawing for the (scraps). We could help clean up for you!!! :>) I save everything, never know when you may need it. That is beautiful fabric!

Mary Wood

Nicole Its Not waste You can always use it in another project In my life I dont have waste I always find something else to make with Put it away till a later day then you might find a use for it.
Hugs Mary.


That is beautiful fabric. I'm sure you'll find a use for those scraps.

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Hi, I'm very new to quilting and have a question. You mentioned having to piece the lattice - how would you manage to *not* piece the lattice? I'm plotting out a quilt with a lattice and I'm curious. :) Thanks!

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