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August 13, 2008


Debbie for all!


Ozzie's a little therapy for the soul! Nancy in WI


That's so funny. You have to lover terriers, they're just so much fun.

And ohmygosh, do I have lawn envy.


He's just the cutest thing ever! Love that dog.

Jane Weston

LOL - had to watch it twice 'cos I was laughing the first time. It almost looks like you've blanked out his head like they do when they are protecting the identity of someone on TV. :o)




What a riot! We watched it twice too -- what a great giggle! Thanks for sharing it!

Suz K

I've started reading your blog from the beginning and wanted to tell you 2 things - first of all, your work is amazing. You have such a fantastic color sense...I'm so jealous. Second, thank you for telling us about the Featherweight seam guide - I just went to Buggy Barn and ordered one. I have 2 Featherweights and that has always been a problem. Mom left a ton of needle attachments, but no seam guide. This will be great. Thank you again. SuzK

Mary Wood

Ozzie is a Comic he is so funny I enjoyed watching his video My hubby Pete Watched it with me he loved it Your ozzie is a star now.
Hugs Mary.


Ozzie is hilarious! I enjoy reading about his adventures. Good luck on your new job and organizing your life.


Cute, cute picture!!

Ronda Beyer

They are the funniest and most loving dogs at any age our Terriers, things as simple as empty milk jugs and for Sophie it is ice cubes.... I love Miss Rosie's patterns and her grand sense of humor also, I have made several things from her pattern lines and taught "Elizabeth" at my Mom's Quilt Shop, she was a delight at Quilt market this year.. Thank you for letting us know her website is up.... Enjoy your family and the love and laughter they provide

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