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August 24, 2008


Lynne in Hawaii

Looks like the kids are playing well together! Woo Hoo! Great pictures!

Miss Jean

She's darling! You can tell the difference by the eyebrows-Ozzie's are bushier. They seem to be doing just fine. Is someone going to be home with them tomorrow or is it "cold turkey"? Good Luck!


HI Nicole,
She is too cute - when I saw her I wondered why you hadn't called her Harriet - you know like Ozzie and Harriet- I don't why it popped into my little brain. You are too young to remember Ozzie and Harriet..
Anyway Sophie is a lovely name- hope she settles in well - Ozzie can teach her all his tricks VBS.
Hope you are enjoying the new job.


She is adorable!! They look like they're getting along -- are they? Wonderful pictures!

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole she is lovely I hope they get on together.Hope their are no half eaten shoes when you get home from work LOL.
Hugs Mary.


Good Luck!!


She is so sweet...they look like twins ;o), well...nearly ;o)
Thanks for the first pictures.
Hugs, Julia

Karen Lee

Ahh my friend, enjoy!


Love your furbabies! I've got a couple of Samoyeds - they sure like having another dog to play with. The tug of war picture was great!


Ohhhh...I see trouble! But so cute.


How darling!! Ossie is such a lucky dog - to have parents who want him happy above all. Because if the terrier ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! Congrats on your new addition.

Cindy D

Oh Nicole, they are so cute but aren't you worried that Sophie is going to be up to the same antics as Ossie is? I would be worried. LOL


Sophie is too cute...they are going to be quite a pair!


omg! she is adorable! congrats! and oh my, your quilt room is going to be a handful!

barbie Jo

Oh my gosh, just look at her, double cuteness!!!!!!!
Let the fun begin!


How can you bear to go to work and miss all the fun?!?!?!?!?!?


Awwww, they are so adorable together. Congratulations.


Ohhhh cuteness! What a sweetheart and I hope Ozzie and Sophie become best buds!!


She is soooooooo cute...they look like they are getting along wonderfully. Have tons of fun!


Oh My Goodness!!! She is so cute!! Ozzie is going to love her.

Have fun!



They look like twins! Good luck!


She's a sweetie! So cute together with Ozzie. What a great idea. ~Adrienne~

Dandelion Quilts

How cute is that!

Ronda Beyer

adorable, priceless, and tiring... And my Sophie loves the name.....


Adorable! Good luck with them both. I hope Ozzie is enjoying the company!

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