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August 19, 2008



you are so right-now and then we make choices that just don't quite sing. I really like the second block though. Hope the job is going well. Is Ozzie adjusting?


You are right about the pink but it is a beautiful pattern and well worth starting over. Maybe you can use the blocks you've already made in scrappy quilts or tote bags.

Lisa D.

Take your blocks to your next retreat for a UFO swap. If you are not loving it, it's time to move on. Yes, we all make bad choices. Remember how I ruined my beautiful Posh fabrics?

Dandelion Quilts

I know that feeling of not being happy with what you started. Sometimes it is just hard to envision the finished piece when you are picking out your fabrics.


I agree with your assessment ~ the pink does not do the block justice.

Rather than filling up space in your closet with something that makes you unhappy...maybe you could hold a drawing for the 24 blocks that you don't care for... I know I would enter my name!!

Also seems to me that there could be at least a few AAQI Priority Quilts in there that might raise a few dollars for Alzheimer's research (if you're willing, let me know) ...


What if you still used your pinks as darks, but don't put any brown in those blocks. Then just alternate blocks in the quilt. So, you would have cream on brown and pink on cream.


Hi Nicole,
it's great to hear that you won't give up! {And someway encouraging that even an experienced, talented quilter like you sometimes make a mistake - there is still hope for me ;o)} The pattern IS just gorgeous, it would be sad if you didn't make a quilt of it...
BTW, after your post about the Miss Rosie patterns I couldn't resist any longer and so, as the 'Open Door' pattern was on sale, it hopped in my cart ;o)


Oh, I like Rachel's suggestion and would be interested to see how it turns out. Your piecing is very nice.


I agree completely! The pink just doesn't work there. But I'm with the pattern...Kansas Trouble colors would be perfect. We've all been there :-)

Karen Lee

Oh well, I'm all about the KT's!


24 blocks - that's quite a bit of work. May make a nice giveaway quilt or maybe even something snuggly for Ozzie.


I see what you mean..the pinks work better for lights...that diawabo quilt is fantastic!

Miss Jean

I love it with the pink. To me it looks like a blended quilt. At the end of the day, that's not a bad thing.

I can see, however, how extremely precise you'd have to be to do it just like the pattern picture. That's why I love kits!!

Keep on sewing, my dear. You always do an awesome job. Sometimes our "mistakes" can turn into jewels.


Ah, that is too bad... It did seem like agood isea at the time... I like the tan and cranberry color theme suggestion.


Yes, I think some pink and cream blocks and brown and cream blocks would be really pretty. Also, Kansas Troubles fabrics are gorgeous! I am planning on making Opening Day with Wildflower Serenade. I can't wait!

So glad you are back on the sewing scene after just 2 weeks on the new job : )

Pesky Patti

Hey Nicole,

I am not a quilter so was wondering - Do you ever make your own patterns?


You are doing great with your blogging and fabric fondling after only two weeks on the job. It's really hard to balance it all and work full time. I didn't get much sewing done at all when I worked full time. I know you will master the puzzle and get it all balanced out with even time for hubby and Ozzie. I LOVE that pattern!!

Nancy Stevens

You are right on all counts, i.e., lack of contrast and the gorgeousness of the pattern. I think someone would be happy to take the unwanted blocks off your hands and turn them into a charity project of some sort. Pink and brown are gorgeous together, but this pattern just didn't work for this combo this time. I like your new plan . . . .

n, np

Beth Dasecke

oh Nicole I love the pink[ sorry ]
I do love the other as well
but I am just a pink and brown girl I do hope you do something with them I would be so sad to see them go to waste
big Hugs Beth


I still like every block that you have made. Do you need a extra sister? :)


i see what you mean...i do like the second one better....this is exactly what happened with my little blue the end it looked more like mush to me. good lesson!

Mary Wood

WEll Nicole I think It looks good Being a learner I love all your quilts they all look good to me I just sit and dream that one day I will be able to make quilts like you you are my insperation.
Hugs Mary.


Hi Nicole -
I'm in the small group of gals who like the pink with the cream and the brown. I think it's so soft and subtle and that gives it a beauty. It's a matter of personal taste, I know, but I like yours better than the one you linked to. But you need to love what you're doing. I like the suggestion to take it to a swap. Someone else will think it's absolutely exquisite and you will be the 'belle of the ball.' Let us know what you decide.


I am using today and tomorrow to catch up a bit on your blog...I have missed you and Ozzie! Battling health and teenage boy issues...actually only one boy is giving me grief, the other is perfectly pleasant and enjoyable. Any parenting advice much appreciated and desired...anything over there for a smart-mouth 16 year old who thinks he knows everything and is more than just a tad rebellious? Anything at all? LOL.

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