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August 22, 2008



How exciting for Ozzie! Can't wait to see pictures of the new doggie!

Nancy Watkins

I can't wait to see her or what those two will be up to! I hope they'll be good kids. Nancy in WI


Ozzie sez, "say what?"

Doris at Threads of Conversation

That is hilarious!


Lol oh boy! Things are going to be different! I sense a little sibling rivalry coming your way! But we have 3, so it works out just fine :o)


Oh that is so exciting! I can't wait to see her. What a treat for Ozzie!

Maria in Iowa



Oh Nicole. . . this post is just too too funny! lol!
Now, excuse me - I have to go re-apply my mascara. . . !
xo, Bren

Jan Andrews

Can't wait to see pictures of her. What a blast it will be to have both of them together! Congrats on the new addition!!


Ozzie looks happy to hear the news! What name does his sister have? You will have double the fun!


Love the look on his face! My DH has been talking about getting a puppy. Now that all of our kids are married and outta the house and we have some nice rugs, wouldn'tcha know. If HE follows through with it, fine, but no way I'm going to do any investigative leg work on this issue. Stay tuned.

n, np


Let me tell you that I began like this....bringing a new dog to make company to the firts they are four cute shi-tzu here at home!
I suggested to visit your blog to a couple of american quilters living in Doha, they will love your blog as I do. Have a nice weekend. Georgina in Doha, Qatar.


Does Ozzy have false teeth???? looks like they are falling out in that first picture, LOL. Such a cute dog and now you will have two. I will be anxious to see what antics they both get into now. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Jean



Yippee! I was hoping it would turn out that Ozzie would get a playmate...Can't wait for double mischief stories...


I'm thinking Ozzie isn't to sure about it, LOL. I just pics of him :). Sounds like you are adjusting to life in the work lane :).

hugs - Karen


How funny. Good one. Thanks for the laugh. He's a hoot.


That dog is such a character!!!


this story is so hysterical. Ozzie does not look like he is really too sure about having a playmate. But this will be a good thing


Oh, how funny!!! Ozzie doesn't look thrilled at all!


Mary Wood

Ozzie says Hey Mum I am the main man in this house She will be no 2 dont forget.
Hugs Mary.


Please tell me you have locked up all your sewing items. One dog can get into some mischief but two can cause some real havoc.


I cannot wait to hear about the adventures of Ozzie and Harmony! Every time you post a picture of Ozzie I can't help but grin -- he is SO adorable. So now you'll have adorable times two! :-))

barbie Jo

That 1st Ozzie pic is too cute, he looks so happy and excited with the news. Same as Teresa, at first glance I thought he was grinning from ear to ear with false teeth too! I thought maybe you photo shopped them in LOL!
Congrats on the new puppy and making it through another work week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynne in Hawaii

Be sure to keep the sewing room door shut! Oh...and your closet doors shut too! Save the shoes! LOL!

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