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September 24, 2008



Absolutely gorgeous.


It doesn't look familiar to me, but I'd just call the quilt shop and ask them. Good luck!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

First time I've seen that particular fan quilt. I like it: no curves, no set-in seams. If you find the pattern, let me know.

Pam Edblom

I like that pattern too. I'd definitely be interested in the pattern.

Tina Marie

Please post it if you find out the company that has this pattern. It is lovely.


Love this quilt too! It is so very pretty. Did I see it in an Old fons and Porter? I will look...


Can you ask for the teachers name and number. Surely if you contact her she can give you the pattern name and where to find it....Since you live out of town the instructor shouldn't have a problem telling you....


You may want to contact to see if it is out of one of her books. Good Luck


Oops..sorry. I did not just pick a name out of think air... I forgot to mention that Melodee Wade (the instructor named on your picture) does do classes out of Nancy Mahoney's book and that is why I suggested you check out her website.

Jan Andrews

Hi Nicole,
This block is available in Electric Quilt's Blockbase and is block # 3341. Lovely quilt!!!!

Brenda Ackerman

Beautiful quilt. Good luck in your search for the pattern.

Mary Wood

Gorgeous Quilt Good luck with your search.
Hugs Mary.


Basket Bonanza by Nancy Mahoney?

Karen Lee

Ohhh laa laa!!!


I think it's probably in Nancy Mahoney's book _Basket Bonanza_ ... based on Eddie's class website. It's very pretty, and I can't wait to see what (Moda?) fabric you use to make it!

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