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September 25, 2008



Sounds delicious . . . my kind of recipe. Even though I'm not the one out working, I love the things that are made fresh and fast. Hubby's work day never ends at the same time, so I must always be ready at a moments notice to get a meal on the table *S*


awesome, I can make this tonight, i have everything on hand!


Thanks for the recipe recommendation. Always looking for something new to do with chicken. Going out to Food Network now...


Looks like a yummy recipe. How are you adjusting to the working world?

Pam Edblom

I'm always looking for new chicken recipes to try. I'm heading over to the Food Network website to get the recipe. Thanks for sharing


Now I just thought you had the outlets showing to make me jealous, I have a one outlet kitchen.


Looks quick and yummy!

Karen Lee

I wish I lived closer so I could hang out in your kitchen and eat dinner!!! :)

Karen, who doesn't really cook.


YUM-O!! If it's a Rachel Ray recipe it's got to be good. Thanks. I'll be trying it next week after my grocery shopping this weekend.

Mary Wood

Sounds yummy You could have saved a bit for us all to try LOL
Hugs Mary.

Mary Wood

Sounds Yummy But you could have saved us all a bit to try LOL.
Hugs Mary.


That looks very yummy!!!

Jane Weston

I'm trying this recipe tonight...just couldn't resist!

Jane Weston

UPDATE: tried the recipe...yummy!! It's definitely one I will do again.



Thanks for sharing Nicole -- this recipe looks delicious!!!

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