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September 26, 2008



Tee hee! Poor Rem was so tired the rest of the week! I made the pasta toss last night, delicious! I am goign to have to get my rachael ray books out and use her recipes more often!

Miss Jean

Those dogs look tuckered out. Remy is going to have to bring reinforcements with him next time. Love that smile!


Looks like a little loving companionship has really helped Ozzie out - way to go Sophie! They are so cute - thanks for bringing us their antics!


Your dogs are just too cute, I love seeing their pictures! The two of them on the loveseat...just precious!

Pesky Patti

I was a little leery about your having 2 doggies in the house. Afraid for your sanity, actually! But Sophie was just the prescription that Ozzie needed. Attention and love are what it's all about and now he gets all that he requires. Way to go!

Karen Lee

Now this is a fantastic sight! My heart leaps just thinking of the fun watching them play. I cracked up how you describe Remi being rolled like a hedgehog. Hilarious.

What total fun. I love DOGWATCHING! This is great great fun.

Visiting with Love, *karendianne.

Lynne in Hawaii

Love the pooped pooches! They are all (including Remy)cute. Looks like you need to set up a play date schedule!

Mary Wood

The dogs are so cute I love looking at their photos Now you know what to do to wear them out.
Hugs Mary.


What a houseful of happiness! I love your doggy pictures!

Brenda Ackerman

I know exactly what you are talking about; the same thing happens when Dodger and Frankie get to spend time together. They all look happy in their dreamland. Thanks for sharing.


Looks like Sara might have to find a Ramona for Remy, just to even things out!


Looks like Sara might have to get a Ramona for Remy, just to even things out!

barbie Jo

Cuteness doubled!


Your dogs just crack me up!!!!!


Oh my gosh, these dogs of your are just adorable. I'm so glad you share them with us so often. It's very entertaining to see what they're up to.


Look at all of those sweet faces and the picture of Sophie and Ozzie all pooped out is a hoot. Hope Remy can come back to play real soon.

Hugs - Karen


Those dogs are so very cute Nicole. I love the beautiful quilt on the chair in the pictures.

I am no longer blogless Nicole. If you would like to see it you can check it out here:

Hope all is going well with your job. Sophie and Ozzie seem to be doing very well together.


Looks like a rollicin' good time was had by all *s*


Geez, could the three of them be any cuter? Gosh I love terriers.


Gotta love those cute little dogs playing until they are all tuckered out. They found all of the best places to rest up too!


Such a fun post to see the three of them together...very cute. My two Tibbies love to have a guest come and play occasionally and it looks the same here...all tuckered out at the end...LOL.

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