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November 28, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I took a peek, just a peek, at the website. Had to get out of there fast before I ordered something. Hope you and your family had a great holiday, Nicole. Give Sophie & Ozzie an ear scratch for us.


That's on of my favorite places. It was called Sauders for many years and then the two families united. Zooks & Sauders. It was my go to place that no-one knew about for years. They had a dirt driveway that fit about 6 cars and an outhouse. Now you can't get near the place half the time. We often go to Pa. for a little r&r to Amish country.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


I found them about two months ago and love how quick they are. I also think they have a good selection of fabrics.


And don't forget to signup for their newsletter. They have regular sales on the wholes site - 10-15% off ...and their prices are already dirt cheap. They have all the most popular lines.

Joyce Levengood

I found Z&S about two months ago when my daughter and I were looking for a specific fabric to create a quilt for her. They were very fast and I also received my fabric packaged very much like yours. You bet I'll remember them. Isn't it great when a company goes that little extra for their customers?


Sounds like my kinda place to shop *s*

Lisa D.

I've ordered from them for years - their regular prices are pretty spectacular and then they have sales pretty frequently, too. I love the speed of delivery and the pretty way the fabrics are always packaged. Yes, I'm a frequent repeat customer!


I read this post and hopped on over to leave a comment when I spotted "Quilt Album" in your sidebar. So I clicked and looked at all your quilts. Then I had a light bulb moment. I figured out why I like your quilts so much, apart from the fact they're well made. No. 1, you use traditional patterns, No.2, your quilts are large, and No. 3, you finish them. Anyway back to the post, I think as quilters, we need a site devoted to individual feedback on experiences with on-line shops. This way we could promote those who exceed expectations.


OMG, half my quilting money goes to Z&S! I get the new bundles every time they come out there because they are much cheaper, plus they do such a good job packaging them. I can always find what I want there and it always comes wrapped in a pretty fabric bow!


I show here regularly and they always have excellent service and beautiful packaging...........


opps I meant SHOP......not

Account Deleted

I thought everyone knew about Z&S, they're great!


I found them a while back too, they awesome prices and a great selection.


I've always had great luck with Z & S...they always wrap the orders up so pretty. They've always been very nice!


That is great customer service I will be checking out their site.


One of my favorite on line quilt shops and I totally agree with Judy C, 1/2 of my fabric budget goes to them!
maybe even more
I love going there as well. Over 2hr drive so not often enough!
the service is wonderful and well the prices, can't be beat!


I love Z & S as well. Could be ordering today since you reminded me that I love them! ;o)

Connie W

Those special touches really do make a difference. Every time I order from Susan Branch I'm delighted with the way the things are wrapped in the package.


What beautiful way to package fabric. It is lovely enough to set out on display just as it arrived. Those are truly the special touches that make you remember a shopping experience and return for more.

Miss Jean

Thanks for the information.


Yes they are great. I needed some additional pieces of "Winter" by Minick and Simpson and I received my yardage with a darling bow of lace like fabric wrapped around it. Wonderful. Thanks for blogging about them. You are thoughtful and that is what makes reading your blog so nice. Pam in Chico


I love, love Z&S fabrics. I always go there first. They have great prices and great service.


I think a lot of people buy from them, I've had them recommended to me in the past on several occasions, just haven't had a chance to order anything from them. I love when places send stuff out fast and package it all pretty!

Sharon Sensenig

Know what is really dangerous? I live half way between Sauders and Zooks!!! I've been shopping at Sauders since I was a kid! Both those stores have way too much of my money!


Hey, thanks for the heads up! Bookmarking now.

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