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December 01, 2008



Oh, you really should make that pillow. It would look so elegant and fantastic with this quilt. Beautiful!!!!

Angela Garcia

This quilt is lovely. I like very much. I like it for my bed, too.


It looks so elegant. I love it.

Nancy Coburn

Nicole, Your quilt is gloriously elegant. The colors are so rich, and blend so beautifully. It really is lovely. **Heavy Sigh** My very first quilt, started in March of this year was an Amish style 'Star Spin' (or Spinning Star) I made into a king size bedspread. I completed the quilt top in 2 months and took it to a highly recommended long arm quilter in the area. It was beautiful, (I thought) until I was getting ready to bind it, then I found she had left over 6" unquilted on two sides. I should have called her about it but was so upset that instead, I called my sister in law in Oregon who has done long arm quilting for over 12 years and she gave me some tips to finish those areas and it turned out quite nicely, considering. Fortunately, the two sides that look 'different' around the edges will be at the top, covered with pillows, and on the side facing the wall, so they won't be readily visible to anyone standing and looking at the quilt on the bed. Though I am hurt, disappointed and angry with my first long arm quilter experience, and I have yet to know the feeling of snuggling down in bed under one of my own quilts (not to mention the $$$ invested in my first project), I now have the binding strip ready and waiting and my goal is to get it finished and on our bed before Christmas. So, what was originally planned as a 40th wedding anniversary gift for us last July, will now be a Christmas gift. Hopefully it will be to experience the feeling of climbing into bed and sleeping under my very first quilt. I hope it is as delightful as I anticipate.

Miss Jean

Beautiful, as always!!!


It's absolutely gorgeous!


I agree, it does give the room a more elegant touch! You should make one of those tubular tasseled neck roll pillows and prop Sophie and Ozzie up there, too!


This is gorgeous! I love the deep, rich colors.

Lizzie Swinney

Beautiful quilt. Love the colors. question, since we have already established our link to Palo alto I have a question. I am coming down over the xmas time break to help my mother set up home health care, etc. I am sure that I will need a quilt store fix. I looked on line but didn't see any shops in Palo alto. Could you recommend a good quilt store(s) in the PA area? Thanks in advance. I plan on a trip to IKEA in EPA as well. Haven't been there yet. Heck, I bet it's been 10 years since I have spent any time in PA. I bet things are way different. Thanks Liz


Your quilt is definetely elegant and looks lovely on your bed! The colors are so vibrant and smooth, just makes you want to run your hands over it.

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