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December 31, 2008



So nice! waah, I just realized I didn't get a calendar for Christmas!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks, Nicole, for your plug here. I'm so glad you like the cookbook. It was such fun putting it together. And, believe me, I've tried a majority of the recipes in it, and their all delicious. Those Methodist women sure can cook!


Susan is such a nice lady. I hope she has a much better 2009!! I'm sure hoping for her and Vann.
Happy New Year to you!!!


Nicole, I recently "met" Susan when she left a lovely little note on a blog entry of mine. I had no clue who she was and how she had stumbled upon me, so I sent her a little email and she wrote back that she clicked on my blog from Sara's and my entry for the dog tag for Vash and Pippin. I visited Susan's blog and learned much...and what a sweet wonderful person! It is an honor to be able to pray for Vann in his struggle with his health. I saw the cookbook on her site and thought, " I need one more cookbook?" After reading your comments, I think I just might!

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