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January 20, 2009



Ahhh...Batiks. I just took my Batik quilt to the long arm quilter Friday. My sister in law just finished up a Log Cabin quilt done in Batiks for a class she is teaching next month, and it is one of the most striking quilts I have ever seen. The colors are unbelieveable. Now I can't wait to see yours and Lisa's. OH, and one tip my sis in law gave me was to use a very fine thread (I used Masterpiece by Superior #50) and a tiny needle 60/8). Some Batiks have a stiffer texture to them than traditional fabrics and using the fine thread and smaller needle eliminated that 'popping' sound you sometimes hear when your needle is starting to get dull. You will hear the pop on many Batiks just due to the type of fabric. I found that the seams were so nice that I use the same thread and smaller needles for all my piecing now whenever I can. Try it out, I think you will like the results. The only problem I ran into was that the eye of the needle is so small that the auto threader on the machine was a tight fit, but will work if you support the needle with your finger as the thread is pulled through. I finally just started threading mine by hand though because it was faster.


Do you pre-wash? I know many quilters do not, but I wanted to share - I had a bad experience with batiks -- they bled a lot. frown . Though the chance a bunch of purples bleeding is not a big deal.

Have fun -- wish I could join in, but the list is already too long. tee hee...

Shelley Dionne

Want to know who inspires ME. YOU DO NICOLE!


What a gorgeous collection of purples -- can't wait to see the finished quilt! I'm tempted to join in the challenge, but I need to think about it for a day...

Diana Marlow

Nicole why don't you start selling a few quilt related things on e-bay. I think of all the things that I have bought because of your blog. I would just as soon give you that money. Just a thought!


Wowser! You and Lisa are going to have beautiful quilts. I'll be cheering you on.


I'm in... I think, I know I have both those books, just have to find them! Already have loads of Batiks.


I'd like to be IN! Here is the weirdest thing...Over Thanksgiving I saw the pattern for Murky Pond in the book Batiks and Beyond. I mentioned to my Mom that I wanted to make that quilt. We got to talking about color combinations and I mentioned that I love chocolate brown and pinks. For Christmas my wonderful Mom got me a bundle of the fabrics for the quilt! I also love batiks. So, with all of that can I be in?


I will enjoy watching all of the progress, but I won't be joining in on this challenge. As I still haven't finished the two-color quilt challenge yet. I am going to finish it for a UFO challenge at my guild though. I promise! :~)


I made a quilt using this pattern. I'd love to send you a photo. Do you have an e-mail? Mine is [email protected]. If you'd like to give me your contact info, I'll send you the photo! I love this pattern.


Oh! I recognize that pattern. It's hanging on my living room wall in golds, browns, rusts, purples and sage-y greens. It worked up like a dream and is gorgeous. Everyone who sees it falls in love with it. Great choice! Enjoy!

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