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January 19, 2009



I am LOVIN' your ideas!! Thanks for all the inspiration!


Fun!!! Can I come over and sew this afternoon?


Hmmmmm, I think I have that book too! Great ideas! :~)


Well, thank goodness. I already have that book. LOL What a great idea for a table runner! I love it.


Oh, I like the idea of not having to make a whole entire quilt of this...somehow that seems more calm...those colors are so gorgeous...not your usual style, but am thinking this is maybe the new you! Something old and something new blended together...a great match.


Very nice! And I love how easy this looks. Those are beautiful fabrics - yes, happy springy colours!


OMG could that be any cuter? Very fun! Love it!

Rebecca Woods

Thats it I think. I am going to have to buy those books. I have been putting it off (I really dont know why) but my Jelly Roll collection is getting a bit ridiculous (I cant help it if I see them cheap). Love those fabrics though. I am the same and dont usually go for brights but they are cute. Cant wait to see it finished.


I have that book!!! And I do so love Heather's designs.


Holy smokes, another of your quilts that I just love. You are on a serious roll! It is grey and snowy (as usual) today and the colors you are using just scream happy, sunny things to me. Thank you....I needed that.

Christine Thomas

That jelly roll fabric is really, really pretty. What line is it so I can order it, too. And guess I'll go a-huntin' for those books. Dang...


Very nifty! I'll keep that in mind for my increasing stash of jelly rolls...I never seem to have a project in mind when I buy them, I just like the fabric...


Love the Picketty Sticks! I used one row of them for the back of a quilt I was finishing today! Fun, fun, fun!!


So cool! I learned this technique last week in a new quilting group I joined that makes quilts for our wounded soldiers (quilts of valor). I love this technique! so fun! We did it with muslin squares, but I never thought to do it in strips! I like that better! :)I have got to try it! Thanks for the post!

Heather Peterson

Thanks for the show-and-tell Nicole! I always love to see what you are working on and if I had a paid staff positon available, you would definately be hired! As it is, you would have to compete against my mom and that would be a tough. You are very good, but my Mom happens to take the cake! I guess we will have to settle for how things are - LOL. Keep up the great work.

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