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January 27, 2009



Oh my gosh. Those blocks are WONDERFUL. I love the black and white selection and the red really makes it 'Pop'. I can't wait to see the finished top. The idea of cutting the 2 1/2" strip from any collections you want is so great and I really hope it catches on. Every quilting shop should offer that service.


Ok, I love the black, white and red combo. It is one of my favorites. I might just have to get that pattern. And, I thought I was the only one working on four projects at the same time. I don't feel so bad anymore!!

Lisa D.

I love your black and white and red all over blocks!


Wow! That is going to look gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it when it's done!


I just love not being restricted to the strip packs that come pre-made to shops. What a great idea *s8

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That's beautiful, Nicole. I think I'd like to use my black-and-yellow collection to make one. SOMEDAY.


Very, very wonderful!

Vicki W

LOVE it!


that is great! i love black and white quilts. good for you getting sooo much done!


Oh my gosh, you are the most prolific quilter I have ever seen! How do you keep them all straight? This one is gorgeous too. You have GOT to find a way to make money at are WAY too talented.

Tricia T

What a fun blog! I was looking for a Schnibbles pattern and ended up here. :) I'm putting you in my Google Reader. You're inspiring me to do some quilting!


Great quilt you have going here, Nicole. Love the pattern and the black and white. You are moving so fast these days, it is hard to keep up with what quilts you are making. They are all beautiful.


I just discovered your Blog. Love it!!! I check it often..thanks for the inspiration.


I just discovered your blog. I have the samurai squares strip club pattern from my quilt shop (Quilted Vine, Santa Rosa, CA)and haven't decided on the color I am going to use. I thought Lime Green or Purple...but red! WOW! Thanks for the inspiration.

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