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January 13, 2009



That is the happiest quilt!! It made me smile the second I saw the picture. Love it!

Becky L

OH MY GOSH, that is the coolest quilt. How incredibly simple, but it's absolutely beautiful.


Love your fabric choices and the pattern.

Cathy Carmichael

Beautiful quilt!!! I made a prayer quilt out of the Posh fabric and it was so cheery looking.
I have to tell you that your blog is the first blog I read everyday! You are so inspiring and being a dog lover and owner also I love seeing how much you adore your dogs. I was so happy when you left your yucky job....I thought oh good, more posts and quilt pictures from you!!! Selfish on my part I know but that is how inspiring your blog is to me.


Really cute pattern and fabrics, so bright and cheery to those of us in the frozen north!

I agree with Cathy, I am so glad you are back home, sewing and posting more,

: - )



I love it your quilt! I made this quilt out of the line Fabulous Fall but yours is beautiful and the fabric is so fun! Awesome!!!

Connie W

That's a clever way to use layer cakes. I bought two of them with no plans for them. I think one of them will be used in this way. I love easy piecing and I like that quilt a lot. I'm glad you posted it, thanks.


I love Chez Moi fabric! What a great pattern and I love the way that it turned out!

You got a lot done at your retreat! The last retreat that I went to, I didn't finish anything. However, I did start about 3 projects, which still aren't completed!


I just love it couldn't be happier! Great pattern.


Gorgeous! It certainly is bright and fun.


Very fun...simplest quilt, really? I need something simple! This pattern/fabric selection would certainly add color and cheer to a winter day...what a nice time to work on a quilt like this.


I absolutely LOVE it! I just love the Charisma line, but haven't found a project for it. But, I just think I have!


Great quilt! It really does look happy, like spring. I love it. Looks like you had a very productive weekend.


I have a layer cake of this line. Maybe, it will become a happy quilt like this one. Super cute!

I agree with the others, it is so nice to have you back! You and your inspiration were missed! :~)


Perfect quilt for this time of year, I agree! Can't wait to see it with the border on.

Peddlecar Quilts

How cute is this quilt?!!! And I love the name!

Jane Weston

Beautiful! I love the quilts you choose to make and your colour selection is perfect.


I never liked snawballs but yours Charisma Snowballs are really very cute!! The fabrics look very good, I 've got a charisma jelly roll in my sewing room, thinking about what to do with it.

Love Your Quilt Thanks For Careing about me I am Getting Back On my Feet slowly I will email you Big Hugs Mary.


Perfecto! I saw this pattern (or one like it) on the cover of a quilt magazine last month. Thanks for posting this -- I was thinking of doing one out of flannel for an xmas gift. Now I'm sure of it -- Looks like fun. Love, Love your colors.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So pretty, Nicole. Sometimes simple is best. I love snowball blocks.


How much yarage for the large boarder did you buy?

Jane Moxey

What a pretty quilt! Sometimes the simplest piecing patterns are the most expressive and fun!


That is pretty fabric. Two projects completed, I'm impressed!

Miss Jean

Beautiful as ever. Sounds like a great retreat and a great place to have one!

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