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February 25, 2009



I don't have a problem with pets on quilts, as long as it is not in a crate or dog bed. Unless of course, it was made for that purpose. The way Ozzie is laying on yours, is just fine with me! :~) I want my quilts to be loved, used and appreciated. I feel that you can used them, while still respecting them.

Kelly Ann

When we pull the quilts out at night to watch tv that's the girl's clue to jump up on the coach with us, so I guess you can say the quilts belong to the dogs and we belong to the dogs, so you know who runs this house.


We have a case of quilt abuse in our family. My sister makes lovely quilts. She made a beautiful blue and white quilt for our non-quilty sister. Non-quilty sister thanked her for it and threw it over a chair in the living room. Several months later my sister stopped in to visit and saw the quilt thrown in a corner under some boxes in the dining room (non-quilty sister has housekeeping issues). Quilty sister then purchased a quilt hanger with all necessary hardware to hang the quilt and presented it to NQ sister. Have not seen the quilt or quilt hanger now in 2 years...

Patti O'Donnell

How interesting I too use my quilts and my two Westies are always on the one on the couch or the chair and the bed. I make my quilts to use and be loved. I once became upset about one I had given to a daughter but then decided it wasn't worth it. I had given it away and that was the end of it. I don't give her any more but one day she may ask for one and then I will. I believed they should be respected for the work and money that is in them but also used. PattiO


Well, my girls are treated as members of the family and feel the need to be by us or on us all the time, so if I'm gonna wrap up in a quilt, my dogs are going to be on it too. Like you said Nicole, the quilts wash up well. Nope it doesn't bother me at all. However, I think placing a quilt in the dogs/cats crate or in a corner specifically for a pets bed,(unless it was made just for that purpose), or using one to lay on while working under a car is offensive beyond words. Quilting is not just fun for me it is very theraputic and every quilt I've made or plan to make is to be used. I think it is very sad when they are folded up and stored only to be touched when they are pulled out for 'show and tell'. I love seeing them draped over furniture to use when you want to cozy up in them. I do have one 'Walk For Life' quilt that my sister in law surprised me with, hanging in my entry way. A beautiful Wizard of Oz quilt. BUT, I've told my family that if I have to hospitalized or stay in bed for a period of time due to my health, this quilt is to be taken down for me to use because I love it so much (that movie holds a very dear childhood memory) Wow, I really got carried away, LOL. I'll step down off my soap box now. Short version, yup, my dogs are welcome on my quilts.


Sorry I forgot to tell you that I went into a ladies house some years ago, before I started quilting, and she had a beautiful king sized 'Lone Star' quilt spread on the floor under her five large bird cages to keep the droppings off the carpet. It was gift to her but she said it didn't match her bedroom. Even though I wasn't quilting at that time, I was so angry that I totally lost my temper...very out of character for me. I was so offended that I was in tears when I left her home. Nope, I don't know what happened to the quilt but would venture a guess that it remained under the birds.


Sorry, I forgot to tell you that years ago, before I quilted, I went with a friend that wanted to buy a bird cage. When the lady selling the cage took us back to the 'bird room' she had a beautiful king size 'Lone Star' quilt on the floor under her 5 large bird cages to keep the droppings off of the carpet. It was a gift but she said "It doesn't match my bedroom". Even though I wasn't a quilter then I was raised with a deep appreciation for needlework and I totally lost my temper (embarassed my friend) and left the bird lady's house in tears.

Elaine B. Lewis

Oh my fur kids enjoy my quilts as much as I do. I have given away quilts to friends only to find them used for covering carpeting or used when moving. They won't get another quilt from me.All my applique quilts are usually wall hangings so there isn't a issue there. It is really nice to see you doggies on your quilts.....


We have two Australian Cattle dogs a/k/a Blue Heelers...herding dogs who are supposed to work! Ahhh, but no one ever bothered to tell that to our 'girls.' They think they belong in the house...and that their 'work' is snuggling with us and riding in the truck going to town to pick up the mail! I have one on either side of me on the couch as I type this! Quilts are made to be used but not abused! Many years ago my brother-in-law used an heirloom quilt made by their grandmother under his greasy, dirty motorcycle!!! My husband informed him in no uncertain terms that was NOT the purpose of the quilt!! Still an unpleasant memory that comes up every now & then at our house!!! arghhh!!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sophie is welcome to lie on my quilts. She has one of her very own though that stays on the back of the sofa. That's the one she mostly lies on. It's a small quilt. I made it for her before she was born.


The Furbabies are beautiful! The quilt is gorgeous! Love the fabrics!
Our Furbabies are allowed on any quilt in our house, even when they are sick... and yes, I know that means accidents! It is just that for some reason they find the quilts comforting just as much as I or my children would! Quilts can be washed and repaired, but to me the greatest travesty is if they are forgotten! Just my opinion! :)


I notice that everyone is talking about their dogs. I have a cat and the cat hair is just impossible to get rid of. I haven't been able to use my quilts on the beds without keeping a sheet on top. This seems to defeat the purpose! How do you keep the quilts from fading with all the washing? My "worst" story involved a quilted wall hanging made for some friends. She hung it in the entryway behind the front door. When I saw it after a few months, the blues had faded to gray and it looked hideous. I stopped quilting for a few years after that, thinking "what's the point". I still get these feelings once in awhile because I don't think anyone in my family appreciates quilts like I do and when I'm making them, I keep thinking "what's the point". Whew, this sounds like a therapy sesson!


You all are talking about dogs, but I have a cat and cat hair is just impossible! I haven't been able to have my quilts on the beds without a sheet on top. That seems to defeat the purpose doesn't it? How do you keep the quilts from fading with all the washing? My "worst" story is about a quilted wall hanging I made for a friend. She hung it on the wall behind her front door. When I saw it a few months later, the blues had faded to gray and it looked hideous! I stopped quilting for a few years, thinking "what's the point". I'm still wrestling with that feeling because I don't think anyone in my family appreciates the amount of time and care that goes into a quilt and I'm wondering why I continue to do it. Whew! this sounds like a therapy session!


I have a cat and she is my official kitty-tester and purrmeister... Miss Angel hops up in my lap whenever I'm hand stitching binding (I go looking for her if she fails to appear ~ it is SUCH a ritual). She has her own Gizzy Quilt made by Lynne in NH, but Miss Angel believes all quilts were created for her comfort.

Karen - I make quilts because I love the colors and I thrive on the journey itself. If other people fail to "get it" then they are the ones who lose out.

Back to Nicole's question - I've rescued several of my grandmother's flimsys and/or tops that had been turned into tied comforters and a few from DH's family legacy and turned them into usable quilts. I would MUCH rather see a quilt used, loved, and worn out than ignored.

Miss Jean

Well, Maggie did take a nice bite out of one of my quilts. I had to set it aside as I was so mad! We're talking about a big bite!!!! Now I have to repair it and use it as a "how to mend a damaged quilt" lesson. I had to realise that it was just a quilt and she was just a puppy. With that said, I have almost chased trucks down the freeway. Haven't we all seen people moving and they have wrapped their furniture in heirloom quilts and tied them on with ropes? AAACCCKKK!

I went to visit my Mom a few years back. She had two of my grandmother's quilts. I do't remember which grandmother so they could be really old. Two twin size Grandmother's Flower Garden - lavender bacground- PRISTINE condition. She had tucked one on the couch so the dog wouldn't snag the couch fabric. Needless to say they came home with me that day. The quilts - not the dogs.

Maria Stahl

I made a beautiful pine trees quilt for a newborn niece. When I gave it to her mother, I told her it was meant to be used, and not to worry about keeping it perfect. Well, she took me at my word. Within the week, it had been washed twice because the baby got sick and threw up on it like 40 times. :o( I have not seen it in years; I doubt it survived the baby's first year.

Oh well, I asked for that one.

Lisa D.

My husband won't use the Civil War quilt I gave him for Christmas because it's "too nice." That makes me sad. Quilts are treasures, but the ones I make are meant to be used. I've been to your beautiful home and all your lovely quilts everywhere make it FEEL like home!


I'm with you, Nicole - quilts are to be used and loved and washed - but not abused! I had a friend years ago who pulled out a drawer to show me the quilts his grandmother made between 1900 and 1920. They were filthy, torn and stuffed haphazardly in the drawer, but you could see with some conservation that they could have been saved - and that they had once been beautiful quilts! I politely suggested this to him and he seemed mildly interested. A couple of years later we helped him move only to find the quilts stuffed in a corner of his garage under some boxes and they appeared to have been "inhabited" by little furry creatures - so very sad.


I am all for animals on quilts. My Dad has Chihuahuas and they shed horribly on the one I made him but oh, well. The worst thing I ever saw was a homemade quilt hanging from a dumpster near a fraternity house here in Chico. It had neatly cut little baseball fussy cuts and was HAND QUILTED!! I was furious. I set all of my stuff down and pulled it out. Yes, someone had vomit launched onto it, so I was gagging but hey, someone's mother, grandmother etc spent hours on this modest little quilt. I gingerly carried it home and washed it 3 times. Amazing was oxi clean can do! We take that quilt to baseball games, the beach, etc and love the heck out of it. Pam in Chico


I made a king-size log cabin quilt for my stepson and his their request...back in the days before quilt-in-a-day piecing methods. And then I hand quilted it. They proceeded to use it as a slip cover for their couch. I guess in some circumstances that would be okay, but not in this case. Within a few months it was torn in places, food-stained, and who knows what else. Last I saw of it they were using it as a drop cloth while they painted. Sigh......
I worked on a double wedding ring for three years and gave it to a sister for her birthday. She kept it on her bed, and her little Westies loved curling up on it in the early morning hours. One day tho one of their toenails ripped a 4" tear in one of the blocks. Fortunately I had saved some of the fabric scraps and was able to mend it for her.


ONe of the first quilts I made was a blue and white checkerboard style quilt. I made it for my brother and was so proud of it. A year or two later, I saw it being used as a dog bed for their elderly dog that no longer could control its bladder. I was so hurt. Needless to say, they have never received another hand crafted gift of any kind from me.


Some of these horror stories have me cringing! I'm not big on giving my quilts away for this very reason, except to a few people I'm close to who understand the time and effort that goes into producing a quilt.

In terms of animals, I'm fairly happy for my cat Bella to use my quilts; she is involved during the entire process anyway, so they usually have some cat hair quilted into them. But my little dogs (Jack Russells) are not allowed anywhere near a quilt; they have very sharp claws and I would be devastated if one was torn. They are well trained though, and know to run around (not over) any quilt that might be hanging on or spread out over the floor.


Look at those 2 sweet angels...perfect pups. My quilts are made to use and my boys are part of the family so they curl up with us whenever they want. They each have their own quilts that I made for them before they arrived. Will you tell us about your new quilt in your banner? It is just beautiful!

Name Barbara Clarke

You mean quilts weren't made especially for our dogs to use? Don't tell Jackson, my 3 year old Shih Tzu. If theres a quilt, he's on it. The other night I had one in my lap in a hoop doing some quilting, and Jack jumped up and sat right on top of the hoop. He's never damaged a thing and he appreciates the quilts more than my son and husband do.


I haven't made a quilt that Rosie can't sleep on, lay on, or even play with. Admittedly, there are a few that I would rather she not drag around the room, but somehow, she seems to know the difference between "her quilt" and the others.

I am with those that believe every quilt was made to be enjoyed, loved and used. Some are certainly more "special" and deserve better treatment, but in the end, keeping them stored away for future generations is rather like having beautiful china and crystal and never using it. I think I would rather wear it out than never get to enjoy it. Besides, I can always make another quilt. :)

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