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February 11, 2009


Lisa D.

OMG LOL - you're so right about Summer Wind's connotation! You've come up with some fun alternatives. I love Moor is Moor. Beautiful quilt!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Makes me think of Summer Breeze, a song by CS&N. Beautiful quilt, whatever you call it.


ROFLOL!!!! Your killin' me this morning!

Cathy Carmichael

Your quilt is beautiful and how fun to be able to use those older Moda lines. I love all things Moda. The pattern also reminds me of the song, but Moor is Moor would be great cause the more borders you put on it the "moor" quilt you have!! Love your sense of's fun to laugh first thing in the morning. :-)


Nicole, I needed a good laugh this morning, thank you for that. Okay, now that I have regained some measure of decorum, how about something along the line of 'Dreams of Summer' or even 'Glimpse of Spring', since you just got hint of it before the storm covered your pink blossoms, which is what the pinks in this collection remind me of. Then, if you really wanted a Bronte reference in there it could be 'Emily's Garden' , 'Heights of Summer' , 'Spirits of Summer' or 'Summer on the Moor'. Ah well, somewhat cheesey I know but after laughing till tears were rolling that is about the best that I can come up with. Whatever you name it, it is going to be beautiful. I really love this collection. I'm so glad you started working on it again.


How about Bronte's Beauty. That's apt since this is already such a beauty!! You are so cute with your feminine hygiene products. Thanks for the giggle.

Jean Burke

Beautiful about 'I'm not afraid of heights'?

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Just love that fabric and since I made my little medallion quilt I'm seeing them and loving them everywhere. Don't discount the aqua fabric yet. It might be perfect by the time you get there. I can't think of any suitable name because my mind got stuck on the "wind" part of the name-you know like breaking wind! I have a sick mind so I'll go back in my corner now.

Ramona Quilter

This is a beautiful quilt. I love the outer border. I also like the idea that you can keep adding to it with interesting bits. I think that I would spin the delectable mount blocks outward-facing so the pink flanks the star points. I think that I would call mine Stroll in the Rose Garden.


It is just beautiful...beautiful!


This is really a beautiful quilt! I can't wait to see it as you add borders!


Its looking fantastic!


A feminine hygiene product?

You called my quilt a feminine hygiene product? How could you? Now I'll never be able to look at that quilt ~ or pattern ~ without bursting out laughing!

Isn't it bad enough that you and Camille have made quilts that are far prettier than mine? I do so love all that red in your quilts.

I'm off... I need to go finish my Summer's Eve and Always quilts. :)


Gorgeous quilt...yes, needs a better name than Summer Breeze...too too funny you are! I love the pattern on many places to look and explore.

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