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February 12, 2009


Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I have that trimmer and LOVE it. There's nothing like looking at all those blocks all trimmed up and ready for action. Love how your rotary cutter matches too!


While you're at it, how about mentioning the importance of pressing the seams flat without twisting them. That just drives me crazy.

Covered Porches

Looks like Birds' nest material--- Save it for the next trip to the forest...


Oh, I need one of those, that woudl make a good birthday gift!


Amazing what needs to be trimmed even when you sew your most accurate best.


Is the measurements a pattern mistake? Why wouldn't the designer have caught this, OR is this just the normal thing and you are supposed to~ measure afterwards and trim? Obviously, I haven't used any bought patterns (except for Thimbleberries and she is ALWAYS right on everything).


I love my Precision Trimmer...isn't it amazing how much we end up trimming off!


i neither cut that accurately or sew that accurately so i find that i MUST trim my blocks. in fact, when i cut for half-square triangles, i go up 1/8", and i still only just make it when i trim down. oh well, i'm not making show quilts!


I may have to get one of those to add to my arsenal, I suck at trimming up right.

Miss Jean

Where do you find the Precision Trimmer ruler?

Great tutorial for experienced and new quilters alike.

Sharon Tucker

I always trim down for accurate piecing. When you put these together everything will line up with no issues. I just posted at with instructions and pictures for 1/2 sq triangle trimming.


Nicole, I learned the importance of precision trimming very early on, THANK GOODNESS!!! Now about those little left over strands of fabric. Do you throw them away? The Humane Society around here asks the fabric shops to save thier scraps for pet beds. I saw one and they are the fluffiest, softest beds you can imagine. Throw the entire thing in the washer and dryer and it holds it shape perfectly. I started saving mine about 6 months ago. Any scrap too small to use goes in the dog bed bag and it doesn't take up any room to speak of. I already have half a large leaf bag full. In just a couple of months, my little furry folks should have a nice new soft bed. I could make one now but I want it to be large enough for both of them and really full and nice.


Thanks fot this, Nicole - I always trim mine, but this ruler makes it look a lot easier - more retail therapy for me - yay!

Denise Felton

Terrific advice! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog early tomorrow morning (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few new fans.


Julie in WA

Thanks for the heads-up about another great quilting tool!


Thanks for the reminder. What a valuable lesson!! I've always used a regular ruler to square up my blocks but I think I might have to have one of those precision trimmers.


Ack! Another ruler I need. LOL Can we ever have enough rulers?


Thanks for the great information.
The past week I have made a table runner using very similar pattern but when I tried to add the next border that was also pieced it did not fit, now I know why I need to trim thanks again.
Sylvia :)


I always make mine a tad bigger, spritz a little starch, iron and use that trimmer. I get much better results that way! :~)


Very informative, and the photos really show what you are helpful!

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