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March 27, 2009



Oh, the poor little guy. I'm glad he's doing a little better. Give him a little scratch behind the ear for me. I hope you're doing better too. Too much stress!

Tora in Chagrin Falls, OH

Hi, you don't know me but i read your blog religiously and need to let you know that what happened between Ozzie and Sophie is awful but not unexpected.

I raised and bred Airedale Terriers (the grown up version of your Welsh Terriers) for years. In the process of taking care of many litters I discovered that there is this unfortunate trait in these dogs that brings out the worst in them.

These dogs need to be separated from their litter mates around weeks 3-4 or else they develop a very vicious nature that can turn at the drop of a hat. Our pups were incredibly vicious and once they were kept separated and this stage passed they were well adjusted, friendly pups. I never once had a family complain about one of my dogs.

Since this behavior has already been established it may very well be the best thing for all involved to have Sophie put down. I'm sure you would hate to give her to someone and then learn that she continued the behavior. Let me know if I can help in anyway.


I know it is hard wrenching, but I would recommend returning Sophie to the breeders. It is not fair for Ozzie to be in constant fear. We had three dogs and last Friday I finally had to take Angel, the fox terrier, to the humane society. She was the last dog we had gotten and she was constantly trying to exert herself as the Alpha female (although we didn't have the savage fights that you have had). Both Angel and Buffy (the bichon suffered) because they were never certain of their place. I felt really badly leaving her there. She is a good dog and would do well in a home where she is the only dog. The discord was affecting the whole family. I wish you the best!


Go have a glass of wine and hit the sewing room. Oh, and chocolate. Doesn't that fix everything???


Please, don't worry about answering my comment! No need--give Ozzie the time you'd take doing that! Glad to hear he's feeling a little better! A walk most likely did you BOTH a world of good! You'll do what's best for everyone once you have some time and space to work it out.

Carol Lewis

I'm so glad Ozzie is doing better, he looks happy in the picture. We have 2 Boston Terriers dogs. A year and a 1/2 ago we had to put our older dog Ashley to sleep and our other 2 year old dog Buster seemed like he would like a companion. My husband found a 4 year old Boston Terrier dog and when we brought her home she was really mean to Buster and attacked him. She also attacked my MIL's dogs when we stopped over there on our way home. It was awful. I locked her in the laundry room and immediately called the man we bought her from and told him we didn't want to keep her. She was super nice at the house where we bought her, maybe she would be better in a household by herself. I'm so glad we took her back. About 6 months after that we bought a Boston Terrier puppy and we named her Betty. Maybe it was better getting a puppy. The dogs get along for the most part. Betty wants to be the boss, she's smaller than Buster. Anyway, I'm hoping things work out for you.


Yikes, Tora is a breeder and she probably knows her stuff but how could you even contemplate doing something like this. You're having a bad enough time of it right now just thinking about returning her. I'd put that thought out of my mind if I were you and take Maria's advice and have the wine and chocolate and maybe work with that gorgeous raspberry fabric you received.

Hang in there!


Nicole, Thanks so much for the update, I've been so worried about you. I was sure Ozzie would recover from his wounds but was still concerned for him too. I'm so glad to hear he is being a goofball again, or at least getting there. You sound much better too. I know you have some tough decisions to make but I hope that your quality time alone with Ozzie will help. Thanks for the new photo of Ozzie...he always tugs at my heartstrings but this picture is a happy tug, not a painful one. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs comin your way and a very gentle hug for Ozzie.

Allyson in Alaska

I like how Ozzie looks like he is smiling in that photo. I'm glad to hear both of you had a relaxing day together.

Dolores Sedore

Thanks for letting us know that Ozzie and you are better. I hope things work out for the best. Don't forget to breathe and relax. This is a decision that is a family one, not just yours alone. You will all do what is right for all of you and whatever you decide will be the best decision for all of you- even if it's a hard decision. Don't worry about emailing me back - give my time to Ozzie too. Have you thought of getting a little kitty to keep Ozzie company? Just a suggestion... Take care.


Oh my gosh, I have also been a loyal Ozzie follower and I am SO sorry about this. It is just heartbreaking, Nicole, and I hope you find the answer that works best for you and your family.

Linda Nichols

I'm so glad you and Ozzie are better. Please don't worry about answering all those emails. Give yourself a break.

Linda N.


We had the same problem with our two male dogs. I was just sick over the thought of deciding which one we were going to have to find a new home for.

I decided that we had to at least try to salvage their/our relationship. We research and found a wonderful trainer. She had my boys playing and sleeping together in less than a week, they were best friends.

They lived with this trainer for a month and we went every week for lessons on how to be the pack leader. We learned a lot and we learned that dogs like bounderies and what to do if the problem came up again.

Once the boys were back home they tested us to see what we would do and when they found out that we were in charge they calmed right down and it has been perfect. I am so glad that we spent the $ to keep our little family together.

Just pray about this decision - if giving Sophie back is the best thing for your family - you will feel peaceful even though your heart is breaking.



ok Nicole I was sorry to read about your puppies
I hope yu can sort out something that makes you all happy Maybe sophie needs a family all to herself so she can be the top dog I know you love them both so I am sure you will work it out
thinking of you
hugs Beth


Nicole thanks so much for the Ozzie update...sending more good thoughts your way'll make the right decision.


My friend, I send this with a big hug and the hope that you'll be gently guided the best decision.

Cheryl K.

Hi Nicole . . .

I'm so sorry for you . . . especially that you are there alone right now trying to work this out . . . it will be better when your family returns and you can work it through together . . .

Maybe Sophie would be happy in a family by herself . . . and if you were able to ask Ozzie what he wants . . . maybe he would say . . . "I loved being here alone" . . .

You are such a terrific person . . . you and your family will make the right decision for all of you . . . whatever it is . . .

I'll be thinking of you this weekend while you work it through . . .

Cheryl K . . .


Hi Nicole,

So glad to hear you and Ozzie are on the mend.

I agree with the others, please don't have the burden to reply to all the comments. Goodness knows there were so many!

Take the time to care for yourself and Ozzie.


Hi Nicole,

I hope Ozzie gets better soon and you can figure out the best way to deal with Sophie. Perhaps a trainer would work? I understand they are expensive but a good trainer should be able to solve this problem fairly quickly (my friend is a trainer and she said she would train the dog first and then you two together). The best part about it would you get to become Alpha Bitch! Woo! I'm just trying to bring a smile to your face. Needless to say, I wish the best for all of you and I've wanted to say, for a long time, that I think you make the most beautiful quilts. I actually managed to get some Roman Holiday fabric because I want to make a quilt just like the one you did. Of course, mine won't turn out as nice as yours but I want you to know, you are my inspiration.


Nicole, I read your post the other day and was so sorry about the whole situation. I know this has to be heart wrenching, but I agree with the others, you daughter and her children are more important then Sophie. Sophie would probably do well in a one dog family. But I understand the whole giving it up business. We had a yellow lab that was not a terror, but just totally uncontrollable. We took her to two trainers, and even the trainers had a difficult time dealing with her temperment. I think she had a problem from the beginning and we did not know how to deal with it. We finally found a family with 7 children who lived on 10 acres. She has been so happy living out in the country with children to run with her. I hope and pray that you and your husband can resolve the situation and have peace about your decision.


I'm so glad to hear that Ozzie is well on his way to a quick mend. I don't think I will ever get over how completely adorable he is!! I love his antics. What a sweetie!!

Miss Jean

I'm so glad that Ozzie is on the mend and on the way to being his old self again. I just love him to pieces!!!


Hi Nicole

Yes I know this goes against the majority. However, I am a firm believer that many dogs can be retrained or stopped from bad habits. I find the 'give them up' attitude hard to take as I wouldn't expect anyone to give up on a child that easily and sometimes it's the whole family that needs to be retrained as well as the dog. I believe the key word for bringing up children and animals is 'consistency' - I know it's hard work but starting good habits and keeping to them in the end brings good results. Over here in the UK we have a dog trainer called Victoria Stilwell, I agree with a lot of her methods and she is not cruel at all as some trainers are. She also trains in the USA, have a look at her website
she starred in a programme called 'It's me or the dog' which I see she does in US as well - go to Youtube and put the programme name in and you can see some of it. (If you look at the programme that 'Jodie Marsh' is in, it's been down loaded in 3 parts, you will get a good idea of her methods - she stops 6 fighting dogs!!!) She has dealt with biting dogs, really, really aggressive ones including those that have bitten children, owners, visitors and dogs and are on the verge of being put down and has stopped them all. She goes right back to basics and has some good techniques - for example one could be just keeping her off the bed so that she doesn't think she's a little human and actually in charge of the house! Or making a high pitch noise when they are fighting to distract them. If you click on her news section on her website page above and scroll down you'll see she appeared on Martha to advise her about her dogs who were fighting.

Anyway there's lots to it so I really would encourage you to have a look, read and maybe even email Victoria your last blog entry to see if she could help you. Sophie is probably just as unhappy as Ollie but like a teenager just can't stop the rut she's gotten herself into. If you give her to someone else she may just carry on this behaviour or god forbid go on to an owner that thinks that beating a dog is the way to get submission. I do hope Victoria gives you food for thought and you are all soon the happy family you deserve to be.
Regards Debbs
(PS I had an older dog from a rescue centre who bit, I stopped him of it and taught him lots of tricks and taught a 12 year old cat to shake hands for treats!! A friend of mine got a labradoodle - unfortunately she was shall we say 'ineffectual' in her discipline with her children and the dog - they all knew that even if she said something she didn't really mean it. She wouldn't keep up any training and gave in - as a consequence her dog was a nightmare and it wasn't until he escaped from her yet again and ended up nearly being run over on a motorway that she finally saw the light. She'd said he was untrainable and yet in half an hour I got him to sit, stay and shake hands. Good luck Nicole and have a good Sunday.


OMG I cant believe all that has gone on at your house while I've been absent from blogging this week. You poor thing and poor Ozzie. Poor Sophie too really. But I think your doing the right thing and I would do exactly as you are doing. Hang in there you will make the right choices I know you love both dogs.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Good boy, Ozzie. Everything's going to be ok.

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