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March 14, 2009



your little "friend" has a great place now.
the quilt is beautiful, love it!!!


I love that quilt!~ I'm curious, what fabric line is that?

Vicki W

Oh my gosh, she's so cute!


I love this quilt. It is so totally my colors! You were wise to hold onto it!


Isn't she just the cutest little princess! Love your it!

Carol Lewis

Beautiful Quilt! I love it. I'm partial to stars. Nothing wrong with copying the same fabrics, it's a great idea actually. Good for you keeping this quilt for yourself.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the quilt. Love Sophie.


Nicole, That darling picture looks like my bed every every morning, except both of mine have been there all night and they aren't lying on a stunning quilt,(because I don't have one for my bed yet) Your right about the love. It just oozes off the the sweet little things. I would be lost without my furry kids. Matter of fact, my little schnauzer Friskie has a problem. The vet said she's okay for now but she has some tumors on her side and tummy that are starting to interfere with her breathing. They can't remove them but they did give us some pills that help open up her airways at night and she seems to sleep more comfortably now. She doesn't show any signs of suffering or pain...her appetite is good, maybe a little too good, she is happy and playful, and a fierce little guardian of 'her' territory out in the yard (she doesn't bite, just makes lots of noise, lol). But for the last couple of mornings since her appointment I can't help looking at them snuggled together against me and wonder how long there will be two there comforting me. My thoughts get away from me sometimes. Question for you though...does Ozzie ever lay on the bed too or does he get into mischief if he does?


Sophe is so adorable :o) I snuggle with my Chloe every night like that. She has to be right next to me :o) She likes my quilts too!


Aww she's so cute. Love the quilt as well. You do such lovely work.

Kelly Ann

What a huzzie!! I love the Stella Blue pattern, but then I love the name Stella so much that's what we named our Golden.

Allyson in Alaska

I too, am interested in what fabric line it is. Will you post a little bio on your beautiful quilt? I love that pattern. I have always been partial to sawtooth stars. Our two little kitties (monsters) love to snuggle in bed with us, but they pick at the stitches on my quilts, so we put the kabosh on that. Meaning, we removed the quilts from the bed. Heaven forbid we tell the cats they can't get up there with us!


What a beautiful quilt! And a darling picture of your little Princess. You both deserve the lovin.


Gorgeous! There's nothing wrong with using the same fabric. I do it too, because it often looks "just right".


That picture of Sophie is priceless! What a sweetie...


What a great quilt. I love it.

Lisa D.

That's a beautiful quilt, and the cutest puppy ever.


The little princess absolutely defines the word comfy! I want to get in bed just looking at her...what a luxury! Very cute post. The quilt is gorgeous...really love the colors, the design, all of it just flows together so nicely. Beautiful. Both the quilt and the doggie.

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