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April 13, 2009


Vicki W

I almost ordered those same batiks - I may have to go back for another look!


Love your Patisserie blocks...I might have to make that quilt too!


Aw, bless your heart. I'm guessing your "errors" were probably based on your eagerness to get going on the project, and not the wine. More of the "haste makes waste", maybe?
Love the new batiks...those are stunning!

Lisa D.

Your blocks are very pretty, and so are those batiks!


Oooo, your blocks are very pretty. As for the miscutting, geez, I've been known to do that without a drop of the bubbly! Enjoy your week!

Liz S.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who "pets" their fabric. lol I will have to check out this fatquartershop. I usually try to buy at my local quilt store (In Between Stitches in Livermore).

Mary Flynn

I've been eye balling those green prints as well.....I'm also sitting on my hands and trying to look away!!

Rebecca Woods

My problem is I make errors like that without the alcohol. I tend to just do really stupid things sometimes hee hee. Mind you if I could just concentrate on what I am doing instead of thinking about 100 things at once I might not have that problem. Hope you had a great Easter and your blocks are gorgeous as usual.


Love your blocks...those new green batiks are yummy! It will sure be fun to see what you do with them.


Awww, I hate when that happens! I've done it with the last two quilts I made, and there wasn't a drop of alcohol involved. At least it's fixable, and your blocks so far look great.


I don't drink, Nicole, but I've sure made some of those silly errors - I always remember Norm Abrahms saying "measure twice, cut once" - if it works for wood, it works for sewing - LOL!! Love the batiks - they have a Daiwabo quality to them - can't wait to see what you do.

Miss Jean

I had the same experience one day. Everything I cut was wrong. I gently put the rotary cutter down and backed out of the sewing room. And I wasn't even drinking!!!

Zarina is such a great place to shop. Don't worry - you will find some a good pattern to show off those fabrics (I still have a few layer cakes and FQ bundles to sew up from my stashing late last year).


I'm just going to add that I too have experienced "compromised quilting" and it's cost me dearly. I continue to make that mistake over and over, too. I'm embarrassed to admit it but I do.

~ The compromised quilter!

Dawn Heese

I have made similiar mistakes without the excuse of wine.

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