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April 09, 2009


Dandelion Quilts

Oh, I like these and I just happen to have a jelly roll of the same collection!


yes that's a very good pattern for a jelly roll. I love nine patches though.


I like the "frame" around the nine patch - makes for less seams to match when you put the rows together besides looking neat.


I agree - it's one of the prettiest Fig Tree lines. I love that she added the red back in this line. Your plan looks good!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Love your choice of fabric and pattern. Look at it this get to spend more time handling this lovely fabric (I just ordered it and they called and said they are sold out!)


Nicole, I love Jelly Rolls but ya know, I like more fabric so I can make throws large enough to really wrap up in. I don't buy them often because like every one else, we are watching our $$$. AND I'm writing out my checks to pay taxes this morning, and boy am I bummed. My birthday is next week and I had planned on a trip to this great little quilt shop about 60 miles from my place. My sis in law want's to take me to lunch and then on up to Village Dry Goods (what a wonderful shope). They even sent me a 25% coupon off my entire purchase as a little birthday gift but I'm afraid my purchase will be meager. But I WILL get something, how can I not??? Ah, but I digress. Back to the jelly roll issue. We have a Ben Franklin very close that accepts competitors coupons but only one a day. So when I find jelly rolls I love, I pick up one on one visit, get 40% off of the $32 and then go back the next day and get another if I need, or a charm pack or layer cake, whatever and use another coupon. Saves me quite a bit. Pretty good deal. The only problem is that they don't have a huge selection, usually just 3 or 4 different collections to choose from, but at $20 for a jelly roll I can usually find something I like...but I try to stick to only the ones I love and can't live without. We have other quilt shops around that carry a huge variety of the Moda precuts but none of them accept coupons. Of course, that doesn't always stop me. Have you ever had a jelly roll reach out and grab you by the ankle and not let go??? Happens to me all the time. ***wink***

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I adore that pattern, and so simple. I also love the Patisserie fabric group. You know, it might be good that you cut out all the squares instead of stripping. That way your blocks will have more randomness--no two alike.


Cute pattern, and I can totally understand the "not following directions when sewing after work and not paying attention." I started on the Buggy Barn BOM you sent and cut my first two blocks an inch too short. Then a few days later I kept piecing the fabrics wrong way round and had to take apart multiple blocks. Arrgh! So, no more sewing after work unless I am bright and fresh.

Dolores Sedore

Hi there,
Just before I got to your site, I was here - Hanne is doing a hexagon quilt (a large hexagon) with a jelly roll. It looks so easy since it is done in wedges. Have fun with yours.

Lisa D.

What a great way to use your jelly roll. I love that pattern (although strip piecing would have been so much easier!!!!)


I love Patisserie too...and I think your quilt is going to be fantastic!


That Joanna! She makes such luscious fabric! That is a great pattern. What are yo going to use for the borders?


Perfect way to use that jelly it!


I'm commenting on today's post and yesterday's. You gave an applique lesson on that quilt during the time you were making it. There have been many times I have referred to quilting tips you have given on previous posts. And, have asked myself "what would I do if Nicole ever deleted all her previous posts"? NIGHTMARE!!! LOL In regard to Jelly Rolls and washing quilts. I wash and iron my fabric as soon as I get it home from the store. It's my one of my favorite parts of quilting. (Sure wish I felt that way about doing the family laundry (ref. another previous post). And, I wash my quilt as soon as I have it quilted. I fear that if I washed the Jelly Roll before using them they would shrink or ravel making it impossible to make the quilt according to directions. Maybe it's good that I don't have a big incentive to purchase these precut fabrics. It's difficult enough to resist buying fabric!!!

By the way, did you happen to catch the "Happiest" State segment on Good Morning America this week? It was NEBRASKA! And, the majority of the video was filmed in my hometown. LOL

Carol from NE


Those blocks look delicious!


I think that it looks great! I have a jelly roll also in that fabric. It keeps calling my name, but I have so many others projects that I need to complete first!

I have been known to start making the quilt before I read all of the directions, even though it says to read all directions before starting! Then I always make a mistake!

Can't wait to see the rest of the blocks.


Nicole, its a good thing I live in Ohio and you are in California because I want to copy a lot of your ideas. I have been drooling over the patisserie line but didn't know what I wanted to do with it but I love your blocks and I have that book so--I guess I'll use another Nicole idea. Hope you don't mind. What are you using for the borders-just kidding! I love your blog.


Great blocks and I really dig the way you're working through this and with this change in your life planning. You ROCK!


But I'm sure that cupcake and that half full glass of Chardonay were so very well worth it. lolol Did you say chocolate frosting on top? Be still my heart.

Love your new blocks, and that quilt. Most def. wash that quilt. Yummy!!


I succcombed to this collection also and bought a kit to make a quilt out of. It is beautiful fabric. I do like what you have done with the fabric. It is going to be a good size for a table, right? How are the animals getting along? Better?


I hear you on choosing a project for a limited amount of fabric. Usually I only treat myself to a collections' charm squares and a small piece of yardage. Only thing, once I completed the mini project with the Patisserie charms, I had, had, had to buy yardage to make a BED quilt!

I think your project is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Allysin in Alaska

I have been drooling over this fabric line for some time now. It reminds me of Folklorique, one of my favorites. I think they actually would coordinate nicely together.

I like the sweet simplicity of your quilt pattern you chose. It really shows off the beautiful fabrics. And most definately, stick that puppy in the washer when you're done! Get it all soft and snuggly. Do you back alot of quilts with flannel? I don't suppose being in California, that you would want the extra weight and warmth from flannel like we do up here. I love how flannel quilts feel after they've been washed. Especially Moda flannels...they just get softer and softer.

Can't wait to see this little 9-patch when you're through. I have a Birchwood Lane jelly roll that's been kicking around. I just might have found something to do with it. ;)


I do like this pattern very much. Sometimes it seems the simplist design makes the most attractive quilt and this one is definitely a winner.

I think your quilt in previous post is very nice. I had not seen the white and black checkered sashing used before and it really sets off the quilt great!

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