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April 17, 2009


Kathy J

You have to be the luckiest 'stunt' quilter ever! It looks like it would be great fun to quilt 'on assignment' and with such pretty fabrics. For me, best of all would be having someone else make all the decisions. I have too much fabric I've purchased because I "had" to have some and the same with books and patterns. Then, I find myself agonizing over how to use it and consequently, all too often what little time I have available to sew is wasted. I think if I were working on your project, I would sew a few of the individual units, then I'd have to complete just one block because I love to see how all the pieces fit together, and then go back production sewing. Great news that Ozzie and Sophie are getting along well. You have a great weekend, too!

Allyson in Alaska

oooooh, those little baggies of mystery look fun. I sew in complete steps. All of step one, all of step two, etc. So then all blocks are completed at the same time. But maybe you might want to make a "test" block to tease us a bit? Hmmm? I'm just as excited to learn the identity of the quilting Rock Star as I am to see the finished quilts. It's a double mystery. "Ms. Plum, in the quilting studio, with the 36" ruler."

Glad the pups are playing nicely. I like the quilt on the couch in the tans and blacks. Have we seen that one before?


OMG Nicole I'm exhausted just looking at all those pieces. You are amazing. I am thrilled that Ozzie and Sophie are doing well. WHEW!


When the blocks are going to be different I like to do them individually. Helps me from mixing them up, and you get to see results sooner, which is always a motivator for me. Chain piecing is a wonderful time saver but if I'm going to be sick of the project and feel like I haven't really accomplished anything than it isn't worth it.


Love that quilt on the couch! How old are Sophie and Ossie now? I worked with that Moda material - I think you showed some seafoam color yesterday? - to make my sister a lap quilt. I loved the feel of it. Glad there is peace and harmony in the home - at least with supervision. Like having two two year olds all the time, Huh?


I think I would production sew, Nicole, but you'll find what works best for you! I think your celebrity gave you away today, but my lips are sealed!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That last photo looks like a backward push-me-pull-you from Dr. Doolittle. The PMPY had a head of each end. This critter has a butt on each end. Glad the doggies are getting along.


I think most of the comments were for completing a block at a time. If there are lots of different blocks that would probably be the lest frustrating (for me anyway). So glad to hear that the pups are getting along. Hopefully time will prove that they can be friends. Just keep up whatever you and your dh are doing with them.


OH.....I would love to reach in there and sneak away with those delightful bags of beautiful fabric...I'm soo bad. And I really need to do some sewing...I need the stress relief, haven't sewed a stitch for days. Ah well, more important things to take care of just now. Can't wait to see your finished projects Nicole, the suspense is building. Love the pictures of the pups too, thanks for putting a smile on my face today. Good thoughts comin your way.

Rebecca Woods

You are so organised! I can't wait to see what you are up to. Glad the puppies are getting along better. It must be such a relief for you. They are so cute! hee hee.


I like to start with a couple of blocks first to get excited about the project then I might do steps. I'm glad to hear the dogs are getting along better.

Name Barbara Clarke

I like to do 3 to 5 blocks at a time. That way I don't get sick of doing the same thing for hours. It also helps my hands if I have to do a lot of trimming and trueing up. I can't wait to see your finished product. Great news about the dogs.

Mary Flynn

Nice to see them playing friendly....

Oooooo lots of pieces.....getting us all excited!


I sort all my bits into bags too, it makes life so much easier! Id do each lot of units first, then put it all into blocks...probably more time-saving.


Id be afraid with all thepieces I'd get stuff mixed up. You're a great piecer so any way you do it, as long as you DON'T STOP ALL WEEKEND should be great. I'm stunt sewing this weekend as well, but its mindless blanket stitching with some sewing friends. Have fun you Celebrity!


Kissy face sounds so cute...happy to hear they are getting along!


I always make my quilts a couple of blocks at a time. I get bored making the same unit over and over. I do better with color placement on scrappy quilts this way. When do we get to see the "finished secret"?

Amie in Tn.

Oooooh! I can't wait to see what the mystery is, those fabs are gorgeous! I'm tickled to see the puppies playing together and to "hear" you smiling again :oD You GO girl! Amie :o)

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