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April 03, 2009



I have a rescue dog who used to fight with other girl dogs at the dog park. She had a docked tail that was done improperly and was causing her constant irritation. The vet fixed it and she is like a new dog. Same great personality, without the "you wanna piece of me?" attitude. Maybe something is bothering Sophie and a vet check is in order. And I think you should get another opinion from another trainer. I had a trainer tell me that I should get rid of my other dog because he was in danger of being attacked. I still have both and they are very happy together. You have my sympathy in all this. I know what it's like. I hope everything turns out okay for all of you.

Sharon Tucker

Thanks for the sneak peek. It's hard to keep these types of things under wraps. As quilters we always want to share our progress on projects. The fabrics look fresh and fun, can't wait to see the reveal!
p.s. Glad hubby is still working


What a fun project! Can't wait for the reveal from the QRS. Glad you have a truce there...I do agree...Ozzie looks a bit tentative and Sophie looks like she's challenging. IMHO...


I love the fabric! Looking forward to the reveal. I hope things go well for you with your dogs.


Love your sewing fabrics, stunt sewing is so fun and also so scary don't you think?

Good luck with Ozzie and Sophie. I know exactly what you mean. I'll keep good peaceful doggy thoughts for you. xo


Hi Nicole,

That is too bad the trainer turned you down. I agree, see if you can find another. And it sounds like as long as your husband is there, Sophie can be controlled.

I have a sneaking suspicion I know who the QRS is, and so I am sure what you are making is going to be #1, right up your alley, and #2, gorgeous!

Happy planting and sewing.

Lisa D.

Glad some semblance of peace has been restored, but I agree that Ozzie still looks quite tentative. Enjoy your long weekend and I hope you get a lot of sewing done!

Allyson in Alaska

It cracked me up when you said Sophie grabbed the shirt out of the laundry basket. I have a cat who does the same thing. My underwear and socks will be strewn all over the house if I don't watch her when I'm pulling things out of the dryer. Little stinkers. Hope you see an improvements in her soon.

Can't wait to see what you do with the yummy shoe fabric. it looks fun and cheerful. Just in time for spring.


love that fabric with the shoes on it!
too cute.
Oh I hope your DH can train her and she learns to love Ozzie and RESPECT him!


Here is an article that is quite interesting about dealing with an alpha dog I'm sure you have already searched the internet but might not of seen this one. I truely believe that Sophie thinks she is the Alpha dog and the head of the pack and needs to be trained that she isn't. Best of luck.

Kristi Archer

Great colors for a quilt.Wow shoes too. Now they need hand bags to complete the look. I have been watching Dog Whisperer and have learned a lot by watching. He has helped people that are in the same situation. He has a web page that might help you. I am glad you chose to hag in there with Sophie. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Helen Murphy

I have been following the saga of Sophie and Ozzie. I am a fan of Caesar, the Dog Whisperer. I have seen him deal with some of the same behavior that Sophie is exhibiting. Check his site out- it's on the National Geographic website- He has videos you can watch on line and also videos you can buy. I agree with your husband, I think Sophie's behavior can be modified.
As always, I love your site and check often.
Helen in Mass.

Peddlecar Quilts

Hi! I was thinking of Caesar, the dog whisperer too! I bet he is costly though. I do agree that you should try more than one trainer, I really believe behavior can be modified.
Exciting fabrics, can hardly wait to see what's next!!


I totally agree with you regarding the body language. Poor Ozzie. All the best with resolving the situation.


Thanks for the update on your dogs. I have discussed your situation with several family members(usually while walking OUR dogs!) and we all have been worried about/for you. We also had a dog that just wore our family and other dogs out. We know the stress that one wild and crazy dog can bring to an otherwise happy household. I hope that the truce continues to hold in your house!


Nicole, I can't wait to see what project it is your working on and I love the fabric I think Sharon decribed it perfectly when she called it 'fresh and fun'. Good luck meeting your deadline. As for the dogs, I agree completely with you about the body language of animals telling a story, just as it does with us. I can see that Ozzie looks a bit leary and doesn't have that happy little smile we can see in some of his pictures. Sophie (also a cutie) looks rather victorious but as for the challenge in her eyes, it looks to me like she is expecting you to play tug of war with the tee shirt. A very cute picture and I'm glad to see them together all the same. I'm so sorry the trainer didn't work out and I hope your hubby can get things back on track. I'm like you, I would also be waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I'm hoping for the very best outcome for all of you.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Watch out, Ozzie. Stay on your toes. Women! Can't live with them; can't bit 'em. You dogs be good this weekend, now, so mom can get her work done.


I hope the training works too but I agree that Ozzie looks timid and scared. I'd just agree that if he goes out of town again she goes to the kennel or the duration.


What a difficult time to go through with those adorable dogs. I have two Westies, brothers and had the same problem. The little one was very aggressive. But with work, or training we were able to make him understand he is not the alpha, we are. Teach her sit and down and make her with tough love do these. It is very important that you participate and not just your husband. I know it is hard but they are worth it. Good luck.

Dawn Heese

I love the fabric, especially the yellow polka dots. I have to say that I look forward to the posts regarding Sophie and Ozzie. We have a Great Dane named Elvis who makes things interesting around here.


I don't whether it's any use or not but what food are they feed. I didn't believe all the hipe about organic, colour free food but I've changed Meg to a colour free diet and it's made a big difference to her behaviour. She is quite a bit calmer. We've also found a lot of excercise has been a big factor in keeping her calm. She has suffered with seperation anxiety and the excercise has helped with that


Nicole, I love all of Sandy's fabric lines - they always have the best sense of whimsy!
I'm surprised the dog trainer turned you down - I would think they would be capable of training for any situation! I was watching Cesar on the Natl Geog. channel while we were gone and he said he could train any animal to forego bad behavior - maybe he's reading this??


I am learning a lot about dogs from your posts! They look so cute together, it is hard to imagine any animosity at all!

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