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May 11, 2009



Awww, how cute is that? Love this post.


So glad that Sophie and Ozzie are getting along better.


Nicole . . . you should write a book with this and publish it . . . something like "The Life of Ozzie" . . . it would be wonderful !!

didn't Barbara Bush publish a book written from her dog's perspective when they lived in the White House . . .


Mary Flynn

Oh my goodness....look at the one photo when Sophie joins Ozzie....I thought it was her on right! See that GREEN eye! Evil...I thought I was going to read some more evil. Thank goodness....gotta love a good story from Ozzie!


Oh, Ozzie: You are just the sweetest little man. I wish you could come and play with my little Maggie. But then she'd drive you crazy, too. It's tough being the big brother. Yesterday, my youngest grandson was driving his big brother just crazy. So it's the same in humans with two legs as it is with "humans" with four paws.

Nicole: what would we do without our children with fur?

Nancy glad to hear from Ozzie. Looks like he and Sophie are doing much better. Just tell him to be sure his secret hiding places stay secret. Little sister's have a way of sneaking up on you when your not looking. Big scratches to both Ozzie and Sophie. Thanks Nicole for a fun update. Now I'm waiting for Ozzies post from his turn at the computer to show up. Or maybe he was sending a note to President Obama concerning his choice of White House pets!!! Hmmmm....

Christine Thomas

So cute...I love to read stories from the animal's perspective. Thanks for the light moment.


Hey OZ! Have patients with the youngest, they tend to be a bit of a trial. . .I know I have a younger brother and even at 42 he still acts 3 on occasion! You're the cutest little guy ever, enjoy that much needed nap. Ask Nicole to give your a big smooch from me!

Allyson in Alaska

Oh, now isn't that just the sweetest? Ozzie, you're a real charmer.


That was a cute story....loved it! Nancy in WI


Oh Ozzie is the BEST! I love him on the computer.

Becky in Georgia

Thank you, Ozzie for spending some time with us. We've been waiting to hear your input. Keep Sophie in line!

Kelly Ann

Good Boy...


More news about Ozzie please!! I think he's adorable.


Ozzie is such a smart puppy. I love puppy pictures and Ozzie's are wonderful.


Give that good doggie a bone!! What a sweetie!

Nanna mary

AH I loved ozzies story There should be more of it They are so always have some good reading Nicole keep it up.
Hugs Mary.


Hi Ozzie, you need to post on your Mom's blog more often! I'm glad to hear that you are doing ok. . .I was a little concerned when Sophie was in all the pictures.

Make sure to keep your secret hiding place hidden. . .it's bad enough Sophie took over your place on the couch!


Good dog, Ozzie! You're such a cutie-pie and we're all so glad you're a happy boy! I have a funny doggie who hides her "good stuff" too! She even buries doggie treats at picnic areas in nearby Yellowstone Nat'l Park!! (we always wonder if a lucky coyote happens by and finds those)! You look great, Ozzie--keep us posted!


Oh joy, an Ozzie update, finally. I sure was missing him. I was afraid that he decided to run away and you weren't telling us about it.

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