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June 24, 2009



Happy Birthmonth to you Nicole!! It's mine too except after I turned 40 I decided to celebrate my birthday all summer :)
I love Carrie's Birdseye pattern and I just know I'll have to add it to my collection too!


Happy Birthday! You and I have the same tastes, Nicole. That pattern caught my eye too!


ohhhhhhhhhhhh . . . you know I'm loving these fabrics . . .

happy birthday !

Lisa D.

I thought those greens would be right up your alley! I hope you are still celebrating your birthday month! Cluck! Cluck!


ooh la la....LOVE the fabric! Those little squares of fabric look so pretty all perfectly folded and tied in their bundle. It's always such a hard choice, do you leave them all packaged up or take them out so you can fondle each one... once they're out they never seem to go back to their perfect little stack..they spread and find new friends.

That birdseye pattern is stunning! I organized all my patterns in January and discovered I had 22 star-like themed patterns....I've never made a quilt top with stars but I must be drawn to them....looks like I'll be up to 23.


What a wonderful way to spend your birthday month!! And better put chicky away, or she may disappear without a trace ;-)


I do believe that is a look of panic on poor little chicky's face! Put her up - high!

I'm glad you are having such a wonderful birthday month and I can't wait to see your finished Birds Eye quilt. Great pattern.


Happy Birthday Nicole! I am patiently waiting for that pattern to come out. I can't wait. Between you and some others, you all keep me very inspired. That poor chicky!
Nancy in WI


Happy Birthday! I can't wait for the Birdseye pattern either...nine patches and stars together...two of my favorites!


What a nice gift from Lisa. The pattern is perfect for those and that chicky is adorable. But we dont wanna see a pile of feathers on the floor so you better keep it up high!!! lolol


What beautiful fabrics from Lisa...Judie Rothermel does the best repro fabrics. Oh I am dying for that Birdseye pattern. I am over the top for that quilt.


Hide the chickie NOW!! Put it up high... very, very high!

Several Easters ago, I bought this fabulously cute stuffed chickie... it was nothing more than one of those impulse, this is for me because I feel like it sorts of things. (I've never been that much of a stuffed animal kind of girl.) The four-legged girl in my house thought it was for her as she would certainly put it to better use than I ever could. I brought it home and put it on a chair in another room while I put away the groceries. A few minutes later, I see something bright yellow flash by me followed by a wagging golden tail. After retrieving my now somewhat slobbery chick, I put it up a little higher and issued a firm "no... this is MY toy!" A few minutes later... another yellow flash as the chick is "flying" across the room. A chase ensued and I finally retrieved my now very slobbery chick. Ick. I put the chick up very, very high while someone watched. About an hour later, after wondering where "she" had gone, I walked into the room to see Rosie sitting in front of the shelf where I had put the chick... plotting... planning... Do you know that she kept going back to that spot even after I had moved it so that it wasn't visible? She knew it had to be near there ~ it was ~ and she was going to have it.

With Sophie and Ozzie... I wish you the very best of luck.

And Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to you ....

What a great friend to send you the fat quarter stack. I l.o.v.e that line!

Kate quilts...

Mmmm, CW's... green... *sigh*

Lucky you!


Happy Birthday! The quilt is a winner and I will be watching to see how it makes up in your lovely fabrics.

Nanna mary

Nicole you are one lucky girl but you deserve it all the work you do.
Hugs Mary.


Happy Birthday (month) and mmmm, love that new pattern!

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