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June 09, 2009


Vicki W


Robin in Seal Beach CA

The Orange shoes are cute but I just love the picture of the fella at the end of the post. He's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Susan Winegar

Obviously the orange shoes are the culprit. I believe the they are slowly but surely sneaking around on their own in some dastardly plot. Poor Ozzie is likely the only sharp observer of their scheming and has had to pounce upon them to protect all.


oooh, take a look at this "innocent"


oh for pete's sake.
this is quite the caper.


Well, it's kinda hard to see his eyes to see if he is the guilty one ;-) but he's so cute that it doesn't matter.
He did do a number on those shoes though!!


He looks innocent to me *s*

Sherry V.

Um, excuse me. . . .are we sure that Sophie wasn't involved??? Perhaps she was the look-out?

he he he he he

Sorry, but Ozzie is just so cute I had to defend him! LOL

Have a happy day!

Ramona Quilter

Hmmm, is this Ozzie's first offense?


The culprit is too cute for interrogation.


Sure... he looks inocent enough! Poor shoes:)


oops! "innocent"


The orange shoes are so pretty, he just can't help himself.


OMG..that picture of Ozzie is hysterical. My foster pups are just as

Karen Beigh

Does the murderer only go for orange shoes?


and just when your shoes thought it was safe to come out of the closet!

still - this is America and we are innocent until proven guilty ... maybe the forensic pathologist will be able to match up the tooth marks with Ozzie's invisible evil twin ... and there oughta be some kind of DNA evidence in all the slobber that will clear the little guy of any wrongdoing

Lisa D.

Cute orange shoes - or at least they were at one time! Poor Ozzie, your orange shoes are simply irresistable to the little fella. Or maybe it was Sophie?

Dandelion Quilts

How could you be mad at that face??? Honestly, he is so sweet.


Ah - innocent until proven guilty - does Sophie get to take the polygraph, too?


By looking at that sweet face...I think he's innocent...if I were on the jury I'd have to let him go. I think someone else snuck in the house when you all were snoozing.

Kelly Ann

Ozzie is thinking...It was my evil sister..I swear!


Thanks for the chuckle Nicole!!! :O)

Kristi Archer

Ozzie can hot help himself. They taste like pumpkin pie. The more they cost the better they taste.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

What a face! He's much too cute to be a criminal.

Kim M

I would buy him some orange shoes if he were mine. He's soooo cute!

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