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June 10, 2009


Liz A.

It's a female thing. Our old Dalmatian girl had quite a long list of "kills" to her credit. Neither male that we've had has ever come close to catching anything. I swear the squirrels sit and laugh at Arlo, my current male.

Vicki W

that reminds me of the day my SIL's cat brought in a rabbit and proceeded to shred it in the middle of her shoes. Now that I think about it, maybe Elvis the cat was reincarnated as Sophie! Could you send her to my house for a few days, we've got lots of vermin that she could get rid of, especially squirrels and rabbits.


I would love to hire Sophie to send the squirrels around my house packing. While I don't want them dead IN my house, I would welcome a pelt to nail to a tree as a warning. We are simply overrun with squirrels since my golden retriever passed away. Give her a pat for me, but tell her to leave the "presents" outside.


Oh, don't you just love them. Maggie is a terrier, and in being such, should be a good mouser. NOT! We have the occasional mouse here as we live near the country and she is oblivious to them. One day, however, she got into trouble and was scolded. To make it up to me, she brought me a present on my very light colored carpet. "Here's a dead bird for you Mommy! Do you forgive me now?" I'm getting very good at just shaking my head and walking away.......

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh mom, it's just a big old squirrel. I left SuSu one in the dining room a while back. She was vacuuming and when she turned around and saw it, she almost croaked. I just giggled and giggled. Good work, Sophie girl. --Alabama Sophie


like taryn, i would love to borrow sophie to get some chipmunks and squirrels problems resolved. our pure bred mutt has nabbed two possums and a couple of sewer rats. my biggest concern was the day she went for a raccoon. the last thing i want is her in a scuffle with one of them.

i have no solutions, just praise her and lock the doggie door...


OMG Nicole they are so darn funny! Once again you've made me laugh and laugh!


You warned me not to look, yet I had to. LOL!


At least the kill was intact! Our patio was the site of a decapitated and dismembered mouse or rat the other morning, courtesy of Mini the cat, with a very large puddle of regurgitated mouse meat next to it that was covered with ants. Thank god she can't get into the house without someone opening the door! Thanks also to a husband willing to dispose of and wash down the mess. Eww. She's a very thorough killer.

Lisa D.

I saw your warning, but I looked anyway. Eewww. At least it wasn't in pieces.

Mrs. Goodneedle

Yikes! I'd love to let her loose on the squirrels that frequent my bird feeders!


She's just doing her job......
How's the training sessions going for her? I hope there's an improvement in her behavior and she and Ozzie are getting along.


Meg chases the wildlife but doesn't come anywhere near catching anything. She just thinks everything is going to play with her-useless!!

Nanna mary

We dont have squirrels in australia so I am safe .LOL. Hugs Mary.


Yup...big squirrel, lol, they are cute out in the wild but in the yard they can wreak havoc. As far as finding ummm...deceased critters on the floor, well, we finally added a fence to our fence to keep our little 'bird' hunters confined to a smaller space when necessary. We have several wonderful species that nest in our pine trees (and a couple not so wonderful) and when the babies would leave the nest to learn to fly, they didn't get far if the dogs were out!!! When I was younger though, I always had cats and one in particular was a TRUE huntress. She brought home pheasants, muskrats (where she got THEM I don't know), an enormous gopher and one day she tried to drag her proudest kill through the pet door but it was larger than adult skunk!!! She got it before she got sprayed but oh my gosh, I like to died when I saw what she was bringing in. My other cats favorite when I was a teenager was to go hunting giant dragonflies at night. One night I woke up because there was a very strange, loud buzzing in my room and when I turned the light on, there were 8 of the poor things on my bed, disabled but still alive. I threw the covers back, yelled for my dad and when my bare feet hit the floor I stepped on three more!!! Yuck...but my little 'Snooklefritz' (I liked weird names back then) was so darned proud. What a fruitful night she had and a frightful night for me. After seeing first hand, Sophie's skills I see that all my little hunters are in good company. Though it is a little disconcerting to find their prizes, you can definitely see the pride on their face. One thing you didn't tell us Nicole...who removed the squirrel? I would have had to wait for my hubby...


OMG!!!!!!!!! If I saw that on my floor I would have passed out and been lying right next to that dead thing when hunka got home. lololol That is too much.

Tricia T.

It's a good thing you have a sense of humor!!! LOL! TFS!!!!


Our beautiful, loving 6 year old, Border Collies, Hound Cross has killed mice and she maimed a Chipmunck by jumping on it and he poor thing was dragging around his rear end with this front Leg. Shadow just wanted to play with him and the poor thing was dying.


I wondered where our squirrel, Bruno, went! He's been missing quite a while - his wife, Twiggy, has been so lonesome - seems Bruno took off for California!

Karen Kissinger

RIP Rocky. Better the squirrel than the shoes. We have 2.7 million of Rocky's cousins at my house. They fling themselves on the roof so hard it sounds like grown men are up there stomping around. Send the dog.

Kristi Archer

If you could see the damage a squirrel could do in your attic,you would be proud of Sophie. I have even heard that a squirrel will go under your car and chew the wiring. So she is just protecting your investments. What a great guard pup.


No - that's a good doggie. I was going to do a post (completly off topic from quilting) asking for help getting rid of squirrels. They have eaten through yet another bird feeder, and went through 10 pounds of bird feed just in one week! We have a golden retriever and all that she has done is to just make friends with them - I swear she has.
That William Morris fabric is so beautiful!

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