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June 25, 2009


Shelley Dionne

Congrats on your quilt time!! I have always held the theory that I will not be remembered for my housekeeping but I will be remembered for my quilts! Besides, a perfectly clean house does nothing for my creative side!LOL And the bed still feels just as good whether it was made or not...I have one word....designate!!LOL


clean houses don't last....great quilts do!


I agree with Shelley....designate! That's what I'm learning to do around here. Also I've lowered my

I love your quilt! Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favorite collections. The Summer Wind pattern is also just amazing and I think I've got it, I'll have to check.


Hmm, this all sounds quite familiar. The only difference here is that my husband is on a totally insane project at work and works about 60 hours a week himself. So here we are 2-50 somethings trying to do what we love, he plays classical guitar,all the while being pulled in about 20 different directions. But like you, I do fit in quilting everyday even if it is 15-20 minutes. I do love the Wuthering Heights/Summer Wind quilt. Let the housework wait, it is not going anywhere!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I have a sign in my studio that I made during the counted cross stitch years. It says: A Clean House Is A Sign Of A Misspent Life.

Sandy (Strlady)

The quilt is looking so good!! There will be plenty of time for the dust bunnies later on but the quilt will be around for generations to come. Good choice!


I hear you! I haven't been able to designate even a moment to quilting lately because of work and my house is still falling apart. Eventually, it does get so bad you have to pay attention to it--the dust bunnies can get really nasty. It happened for me when I couldn't lay out a new top on the floor.


I have a little sign that says, "Housework done properly will kill you".... I can live with a few dust bunnies, crumbs and clean laundry waiting to be folded because "sterile" belongs only in a hospital (LOL).... As I have gotten older the larger the herd of dust bunnies because I've come to realize how short life really is and what truly matters in the long run. So go quilt without guilt!!!!

Lisa D.

Housework smousework - that quilt is fabulous!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

When I first started reading your post I thought you were at my house. Stick with it girl.


Great quilt! I've had this pattern for a long time and keep waiting for just the right FQ bundle. . .now you've got me thinking I should pull from my stash and just get started. . .here we go again! The house will wait!

Missy Ann

Your post title is a bumper sticker on my car.

And hire a maid. Really they are much more reasonable than most people think. My lady comes every two weeks and charges me $90 for a 2000sqft house.

And just think of all the sewing you could get done if someone else mopped the floors.


Beautiful quilt!! There' always another time for housework, but never enough time for quilting! I say, let the dust settle (and hopefully it's lint dust from your sewing machine! Thanks for the lovely posts!


Don't worry about the dust...keep quilting! And now I HAVE to find that pattern!!!


I love the center! It would be a great start for a round robin.

Try having two grandson's full time during the summer! It's like chasing squirrels! I can't get anything done, including sewing. But I will prevail. I have to clean my sewing room today and get some things ready for a luncheon. Then I will purpose to sew an hour a day. And clean, and chase the dog, and garden.....I think I better go lay down!


You can clean when you retire!

I'm rethinking Summer Wind! I own it. I just have to find it.

Sharon Tucker

good for you, if you clean your house, it just gets dirty again. But your quilt will always be around....I can say this 'cus I too, don't do much housework. You will be rmemebered by the beautiful quilts you leave behind, not how clean your house was.


OMG it is beautiful! Keep sewing! No need for housework.


I've heard a great saying - If you're coming to see me, come anytime. If you're coming to see my house, make an appointment.

I tell all my friends my living room is for living in and my house is not a museum. Enjoy your quilting time. I consider it a necessity, like chocolate.

Your quilt is beautiful and worth every second you've spent on it!


Yours is my favorite blog - you have your priorities straight. Sewing first--Housework maybe.


Well we all seem to be in agreement on this topic, your quilt is beautiful, worth every second you can squeeze out to work on it, and housework will wait. Just think, if you cleaned your house on Monday instead of sewing, it would be dirty by today and your quilt would not have that lovely last border!!

I'm so glad you also make time for your blog, just a little sumpin' sumpin' to get us through our day!!


This pattern is wonderful and your fabric choice is, as always, perfect. Nicole-you work too much.


Hey, the lack of housework is worth it for a quilt that gorgeous!


You are simply amazing! I quilt all day long and have not even a single job to my name and yet you still get as much or more done than I you blog about it all!!!
Thank you so much for the inspiration and tell the family to buy some TV dinners so you can get a little rest!

Allyson in Alaska

That quilt is absolutely fabulous! Housework be damned!

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