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July 10, 2009



I love Color Catchers too!!! I use these sheets everytime I prewash new fabrics. You'd be surprised which fabrics bleed. Occasionally the fabrics I expect to bleed don't but ones that look safe aren't. You can reuse these sheets if the fabrics didn't bleed. I figure the cost of a box of Color Catchers is cheaper than the time and heartache of trying to get excess dye out of the quilt later.


I was kind of surprised that there are so many people out there who don't pre-wash their fabric. I always do, except for charm squares or pre-cut strips. I might change, though. It is a lot of work to iron all the fabric. I think I might start just pre-washing the red fabric (I always use the color catcher sheets BTW). You are right - it will let me get to sewing sooner!

Carol Lewis

Great tip, thanks! Love your Roman Holiday quilt.


I use Color Catchers too!
I am working on going through collected fabrics from friends, yard sales, etc, - and due to them being stored in boxes for quite awhile, I am putting the scrap pieces into laundry bags and washing with the Catchers. I have lots of pressing and strip cutting to do, but the fabrics are so much fresher now.
I don't normally wash newly bought fabrics either. I like the way they are easier to piece and press.


Very good advise. Do you find it just at quilt stores, or at places like Target?


I use these too! I also use a product specially made for dying fabrics, called Synthropol. I love it! Together, they have served me very well! :~)


Well, I never! Never heard of this product, that is. I am hoping I can find it in my little town. Was it sold in a specialty store, or in the laundry aisle of your favorite market? I can't wait to go see if it's there. Thanks, Nicole!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I often use Color Catchers in my laundry. I haven't used it with quilts because a) most of my quilts are light colors and b) I hardly ever wash a quilt. But I will use one the next time I wash a quilt. Thanks.

Robin Chapa

Hi Nicole! I LOVE Color Catchers, but should warn you and your blog followers that you may need to use them more often than just the first wash. I used them for a quilt for the first wash and was pleased. I figured I didn't need to do that again for the second wash as the quilt was mostly light and neautral... but darned if that little bit of red fabric that was in there didn't have a tad more bleeding to do.... :( My quilt wasn't ruined-- it just has some red bleeding blotchy bits in some of the seem allowances that is seeping through to the top, but still, it was a hand quilted piece and I was disappointed. Now, I throw a Color Catcher in EVERY TIME I wash a quilt until I can see that FOR SURE it's coming out white at the end of the wash cycle and the fabric is done sharing it's extra dye w/ the rest of the quilt.

Hope that helps!
Thanks and take care,
Robin Chapa
[email protected]


I LOVE Color Catchers...being a non-washer of fabrics, I never wash a quilt the first couple of times without one. Sometimes if it's a quilt with lots of pieces that I'm afraid might run I use 2.

Molly in Sumner, WA

Your Opening Day quilt is amazing! I absolutely love it. I was wondering how you do your flying geese units? Do you the Eleanor Burns method or another method?


Thank you! I am crocheting a rainbow blanket and the red was worrying me...especially when I saw comments on Ravelry warning about that particular brand!


I love Color Catchers. I use them every time I wash a quilt. I do not prewash fabric. I agree with Robin and always put one or two in each time I wash my quilts. I also give a box and washing directions when I give a quilt as a gift.
Sew long,


Thanks for the advice! And is that a bit of Glace that you're using? :) One of my new favs! Even as much as I love that backing...I wouldn't want any of it on the front of that gorgeous quilt!


Huh. I use Retayne. Have you ever tried that? Just wondering, not questioning.


Wow, another good topic with great comments. I just finished a quilt where I'm using navy blue fabric as the backing. I would not have thought about the backing bleeding through...I'm now going to wash that back with these color catchers that everyone is so fond of.

You are a smart and experienced group, THANKS so much for helping this newbie along.

Nicole, you've had quite a week, lively discussions and entertaining posts all week long, can hardly wait to read what's next.


Even though I am an avid pre washer, I still use these sheets. I've seen some sad sad quilts....and quilters. One was redwork. I just prewashed a stack of blues, every one left dye in the sink!


Thanks for the tip. I've never used these (up until now I'm a prewasher of all my fabrics, including fat quarters and even the chubby eights).

I'll add this item to my shopping list and be sure to pick some up.


Karen Beigh

I had not seen the Color Catcher product before. Thanks for the info.
Opening Day is a really nice quilt!


OMG - I love the Color Catchers! They're good for so much - even new jeans in the wash!! Your quilt is stunning, Nicole!

maple leaf

Hi Nicole, I really enjoy your blog and have lurked for a long time. I, also, am a big fan of Color Catchers and buy them whenever we travel to Michigan. You see, they are not sold in Canada for some reason, although there are other Shout products. Do you think it is because we spell it colour? I put two of them in the water when I washed my daughter's wedding quilt last Saturday, [the wedding is July 18]. The quilt came out run-free and there was a lot of colour on the sheets. Now, I will have to get a passport in order to travel to the US, so the next box of Color Catchers will cost about $90.00, no kidding. Totally worth it.


I have heard that lots of keep stand by that product. I am going to have to get some.

BTW-Glad to see that you have joined the Cotton Charm Quilt Club!


I haven't seen that product for sale, but haven't looked for it either. It seems a good thing to have on hand at all times. Your quilt is gorgeous!


I usually pick mine up at our local grocery store in the detergent aisle (usually way up on the top shelf out of reach). Target carries Color Catchers too. The box is kind of small so it is easy to overlook.


Another beautiful quilt Nicole, and I really need to find some "Color Catcher's". I've been looking but haven't found them yet!!!

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