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July 06, 2009



I loved seeing Sara's quilt. I made one for my niece 25 years ago, and it is in similar shape. She tucks it under her pillow at night....still. And this is why we quilt.


oh the evolution!!! it took me years to finish my first quilt.. i just couldn't do it... the one i posted for this "parade of quilts" is the first one i ever finished... love your stuff!

Kathy Wagner

Loved seeing your old quilts and your gorgeous new one!


I'm in the minority here - I really like that quilt from the 80s! Tea staining may just tone it down enough for you to love it too. And Sherri is right - in a few years, people will truly enjoy it for what it is.

Anyway, you did a great job on it.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

When you think about the time that you pieced this quilt, the colors were probably very attractive. And it looks like you did a super job on the piecing!

I'm in love with your most recent quilt. The colors are very pretty, and what a nice pattern!


I'm thinking I have one of those orange/brown quilts hid away somewhere! Love your latest project.


That's one loved-to-death quilt! And I hear you about the other one - but those were the colours of the day, right? And you seem to have done a good job piecing and it, and I bet you learned a lot from making it :-)

Katie B

I love the well-loved bunny! I bet it brought your daughter tons of comfort.

Lisa Peterson

You're most recent quilt is awe inspiring.I can't stand it.


that is so sweet that your daughter loved that quilt to death....


I love stories about quilts being loved to death. As far as your opus, it helped you to get to where you are now in your quilt journey. I love the blocks you chose. Have a great day.


My daughter had a baby afghan that I embarrasingly will admit went on her honeymoon with her, LOL! How satisfying to have your daughter love that quilt so much. It resembles my youngest daughter's baby quilt that is in shreds. The latest quilt is gorgeous. I enjoy looking back and seeing how much I learned on each quilt. It motivates me for the next one! Cindy


The love of the pink quilt makes me smile becasue it certainly has been loved on. Oh ya, I also heard that orange and brown are back in style just call it a pumpkin and earth colored quilt.


That quilt is so totally in style and color now! LOL It's great!


Okay, get ready...I won't comment on all of them, but I am here to get caught up in my usual "bombard Nicole with comments while catching up on her blog" style. Love the quilt "loved to death" as that's so what life is about. Your first quilt colors are coming back in style! I think it is beautiful...and what an accomplishment for a first quilt!

Lori Barnes

Hi. The second quilt colors are much better, but aren't they just a coordinated line of fabric from Moda? Anyone can do that and not go wrong. The "my first quilt" is not that bad and a women's shelter or another charity would love to have it. Good idea to finish it up and donate it as a "random act of kindness" I am sure it would be very much appreciated. Lori

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