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July 09, 2009


Jennifer Hogsed

That fruit pizza looks wonderful! Can't wait to try the recipe.


Now that's art! ;>)


Yum! Question, I am always amazed that you and your sister have big enough tables for all of you to sit down together. My dining room table will seat 8, if we squeeze do you do it?


OH!!! What can I say but YUMMMMMMM!!!!


This looks yummmy and Nicole, we can't help but have an international chat. You create the space to manifest that~!


That looks marvelous! I want one...


Wow, that looks delicious! Now I'm really hungry...time to check out that recipe!

Karen Beigh

I have made fruit pizza several times but mine don't look as fancy as that! It is so good tasting.


This looks so yummy. Such a wonderful summertime treat.


Sure looks good and sounds easy. I think I could make a smaller one, for when it's just us.

I'm having Ozzie and Sophie withdrawal, what's up with those adorable terriers? I don't think your loyal readers should have to go this long without some puppy pics and a story or two.

Nanna mary

MMMMMM looks yum I will be over for my slice LOL.
Hugs Mary.


It looks VERY yummy. . .I think I'll go see how your sister's doing. . .


Hey! I got fruit pizza for my birthday too!


That is the prettiest fruit pizza I have ever ever ever seen, and I have seen a lot of fruit pizzas.

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