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July 29, 2009


Lisa D.

OMG too funny - I was going to write and ask when we were going to see your pizza!


I'm pulling for you to finish...I wish I could send you some more hours in the day to's going to be one amazing quilt!

Sinta Renee

Either I need to step on it or you can relax. I thought that the photos for the Charming Girls Club was the 7th of the month? Yikes!


Will it be a pleasure to quilt if you pull an all-nighter just to get it finished? Is this a hobby or an obsession? Sometimes I wonder about myself. Sometimes we need to step back and figure out how things are. And your health and your love for family and dogs comes first. 11 hour workdays are enough!!!!!!!


I just came from the store with chicken for dinner and now I want PIZZA! Darn you!
Nancy in WI

Judy Hamm

Do you mind if I ask ..... what is the blue tape on your sewing machine top for?

Name Barbara Clarke

I, too, work long days most of the year. I've learned to work in small increments - even 15 min. to 30 minutes. You'd be surprised what you can get done. Most important, I get that "working with fabric fix" that keeps me from getting grumpy and full of self-pity!

Christine Thomas

Me, too...explain the blue tape. I understand it is for different measurements. So...measuring what and where? How do you get it "true"? It seems that it would interfere with the raising/lowering/opening of the machine.


I finished a quilt at 4:00 AM! I didn't have to get up this morning though. You'd be surprised what an all nighter will do for your spirits! If you only do one, you'll maybe survive, but more may just kill you. We're not 20 anymore!!!

Debbie Myers

I too am wondering what you use the blue tape for???? And whatever the purpose is, did you come up with the idea yourself, or is it a trick that you learned from a class perhaps??

Debbie Myers

Oh, I forgot I had another question ! Did your daughter remove her blog? I've tried to access her blog for the last several days and I get a "webpage cannot be found" mesage...Any solutions/answers for me?


The deadline is Friday? Well I know this for sure. If anyone CAN DO IT (well) - you can. I'd place my money on it.


Yum, pizza! It always is a hit around here when Mom can't get supper ready. We have twin Bernina's. Well almost, mine is the 155,and I love it :-)

Nanna mary

Hi Nicole If anyone can do it you can but dont tire yourself out looks yummy I am hungry now.
Hugs Mary.


Eleven hour work days sounds dreadful. What kind of job do you do?

Mary on Lake Pulaski

All nighter after eleven hour work day is a NO NO. Get some sleep.


I can't wait to see it finished. I love the fabric. Turn on the telly, turn on the tea kettle and get to stitching!!! You'll be finished in no time.

By the way, what is the light you have on your machine? Light is always a problem. I have a small Ott light but it never seems to be in the right spot to focus the light right where I want it. It looks like you have solved that problem.


You can do it! Just think of what you could buy if you are the winner!

Oh yeah...and your beautiful quilt top will be done!

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