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July 31, 2009



Well, I have actually heard about SPANX, but I have never seen them for sale, so...


My spider senses are tingling ... and they're telling me that you have a thing for faux tortoiseshell :-) A girl after my own heart - I love it too!
We don't have Spanx here in the US, but I've heard of them and will definitely be seeking some out when I visit the US next year. Clearly a must on the shopping list.


Ooops ... should learn to preview my posts - that should be "We don't have Spanx here in Australia!"


I used to have a zillion pairs of reading glasses...they were everywhere, but then I slipped and needed now I have to get "real" glasses...expensive would be the operative word. LOL! Oh my...I need a Cami like that...promise I'll look just like that?????????????


I think I need a Spanx!


I KNOW I need a Spanx! Thanks for the really fun giveaway!


Interesting. I've seen them for the bottom half, but not the top. Are they really that magical?


I have a gazillion pair of those too. I found you can buy them really cheap at Michaels and they come in cute colors. My eye doctor put me on monovision contacts and told me to use them when I need to read. I've only gotten to 1.50 so far though!


You are TOO funny!! I've worn glasses since I was 4; tried contacts but was too worried about eye infections to stick with them (but my doctor said he had never seen someone with contacts as clean as mine!)

Have a wonderful day,


Wow, what a GREAT giveaway. I think I really need one of these. You are one clever lady.

Kris Bair

I think I need Spanx - I've never seen it here in Ohio, but then, I've never really looked......what a great giveaway

pam marshall

Love you Blog.
Please add me in.

Cathy M

Shoot Fuzzy!!! I need the head to toe version of Spanx. Do they make those yet?


All-A-Dollar is my favorite place to shop for my glasses, sometimes Target has a little section everything for a buck and they will have really cute ones usallly splurge and buy ten at a time.


Love the idea of Spanx, but the thought of wearing something like that here in hot, muggy, sticky southern Louisiana - yikes! Around here I get dressed in the morning looking for clothes that won't touch my skin!!!!lol!!!

Sandy (Strlady)

I discovered that I was having the reading problem at 40 too! My problem is that I also can't see anything from afar. I noticed that if I took off my eyeglasses that corrected my farsightedness (is that a word?)I could see just fine up close but since I used contacts that was not working for me (can't take off my contacts everytime I need to read something). My doc told me there were bifocal contacts out there and I am giving them a try. For my quilting I still need to use some type of readers but for everyday reading (like at the supermarket or reading a label here or there) I'm good.

I tried a generic type of Spanx from Target once and was very upset because it kept riding up my torso. It drove me CRAZY.

I'd love to give the real deal a try.


Barbara Heins

I have glasses in every room and still am wandering around saying "where did I put them now" - usually get them at the Dollar Store. Have to be cheap since I am leaving them everywhere (another sign of age - ugh)
What a great idea for a give away - everyone that needs reading glasses also needs a spanx


I love your blog. I could use the full version of spanx too. I too have glasses everywhere and still go around looking for them.

Pam Edblom

Count me in for the Spanx.

katie paxton

what a great idea, I would love to be smoother

Dandelion Quilts

Seriously, I have wanted to try Spanx for my mama belly. What a nice giveaway. How is this for you..I am far sighted and my dr. told me that it will continue to improve as I age because of the muscles relaxing. LOL...


This is way off topic but I was reading Minick & Simpson's blog about how to press seams - open or closed. I machine piece and hand quilt and I have always pressed the seams to one side because of the fear of batting bearding. But now it sounds like the old "rules" are dead and gone. I am such a creature of habit! I was wondering what you do with your seams?

Also, I'm with you on the glasses! I have found some terrific bifocal sunglasses by Liz Claiborne that eliminate the need for sunglasses on top of glasses - not a good look!


I used to just need spanx for the bottom BUT now my top is my bottom. Please enter me in your drawing Thanks so much Sharon
[email protected]


I get mine at the dollar store.
I never heard of Spanx but I do have lumps and bumps galore so please enter me in your draw.


My hubby refuses to get the bifocals he he puts his readers on OVER his regular glasses. Fortunately, he only does this at home, for it looks rather strange. I think it might hurt his eyes???? At work he just puts his regular glasses on top of his head and reads without them. Men.
I've got some Spanx products...but not that one! Love them.

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