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July 28, 2009



You make amazing quilts and all but I'm a sucker for these dog posts....keep 'em coming. Although pizza is my most favorite food so a pizza post wouldn't be all bad.

I think Sophie realizes the importance of beauty sleep..she's just so cute!!


awww Sophie is so cute. Are things all patched up between her and Ozzie?? No more intimidation?


I love the photos of Sophie at rest! She reminds me of the antics of my little Joey. You can often find me running around like crazy, trying to get his latest 'find' out of his mouth as he tears through the house. I love the moments when these special friends are quiet and snuggly! Thanks for sharing her today. ~Adrienne~


awww, how sweet!


OMG, look at that face...she's saying "Oh no mom...please just let me stay here a little longer" sweet!


:)...she is so cute and our animals are a part of who we are! I just posted a picture of my Jolie-Coeur, my cat, I had to put him down last night...and he is curled up in my housecoat.

Love your site and quilts...

Sharon Tucker

I am glad I'm not the only one who loves when their dog gets into bed and enjoys a few moments of snuggly bliss! Thanks for sharing.

Ramona Quilter

Sophie is such a sweetie. Look at that face. She has pillow scars on it. LOL.


My Meg does just this. In the evenings whilst I am on my laptop in bed she lays beside me (she is by my side as I type). If I get up to go to the loo she will reposition herself where I was, in my hot spot.

Both your dogs are soooooo cute!! Keep the photos coming.


I know how you has gotten in the way of sewing at my house, too. The dogs are adorable and I like the opportunity to enjoy them vicariously. Then I'm not so tempted to get my own.

Nanna mary

Sophie is A sook She is spoilt Just look at the look on her face it;s enough to melt you'r heart.
Hugs Mary.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Just too precious.


Sophie is beautiful and I know how you feel, my two give me lovely warm morning cuddles under the blankets just like Sophie. On cold mornings it is just lovely and it is so hard to get out of bed! Our morning cuddles are my favourite time of the day!

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