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July 30, 2009



I love my Angler 2 as well...I know several quilters who love it like I do...and others who don't like it at all...but not a week goes by that I don't use mine...and I'd definitely be using it if I were making 300 half-square triangles!


That is brilliant! I have never heard of that before, but I could see it would come in handy all of the time. I am totally buying one. Feel free to share any other gadgets you love!

And I am sorry you’ve had such a hectic schedule and can’t relax, I hope you get to soon.


I have the Clearly Perfect Angles, but I have not used it yet. Looks like it is a great product.


I have the Angler 2 also, and I, too, just love it. I keep it close so I can grab, install and stitch.

Vickie E

Have you ever used the ruler by Quilt in a DAy called the Square up Ruler? It squares up the half square triangle before you press the seam open..

Vickie E

oops this is the correct link...


Now that is a LOT of dog ears.
Thanks for the tip, I will have to buy one on my next LQS trip.


Thanks for posting about that, I'm going to get one of those!

Debbie Myers

Ahh...all you had to say was, "the tape holds down my Angler 2" !! I've had an Angler 2 in it's original package, un-opened for 6 years now. Thought I just had to have it; then I listened to the nay-sayers that didn't like the gadget one bit, and never bothered to check it out for myself to see if I liked it. Now I'm going to listen to you and un-wrap the little helper and go to town. Thanks for a wonderful explanation/tutorial of the

Debbie Myers

Ooops, one more question...Do you leave the Angler 2 on your machine all the time when you're sewing? Or do you take it off when you're doing "regular" sewing, only putting it on when when you're sewing mountains of half-square triangles??


Ok I broke down and order one. I thought about it last time you mentioned it, but if you still love it, and Lord know I need help with accuracy.
Here's hoping.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

I love using the Angler (not sure if mine is a 2, though). It's very old. We really should put our heads together and develop a contraption to snip off the dog ears. All at the same time, of course. I'm imagining a container that you could throw all of them in and shake it like a martini! I think my idea is going to need a little work.


I bought an Angler 2 after you mentioned it several months ago. Haven't used it yet, but I think there are some HST on a new quilt I just started (wouldn't want to read the instructions too far ahead, you know).

I think you could sell ice to an Eskimo, as they say. I can't tell you how many pattern books I've purchased used online after you rave about them. And I haven't been disappointed yet!


So do you have to tape that on like that each time you want to use it? It seriously won't stay without all that tape? I have looked at this product online but never could decide if I needed it or not.


I knew someone once that kept all her little snipped off dog ears in a jar! Why oh, why! Wouldn't our great grandmothers be so jealous of all the neat contraptions we have to use when we quilt. What would we do without our rotary blades for one thing. I have th clearly perfect angles like was mentioned above. I haven't used it yet, but I got it because there was no taping involved.

Thank you for the demo. It's a good refresher for us old timers and there are a lot of new quilters out there that haven't seen some of the tricks of the trade.

Christine Thomas

Okay, I can see the Angler 2 lines now. I have that also but it is sort of a pain to use. When I was using it a lot, I set it up on one machine just for that sewing and used another machine for the "regular" sewing. If I was making lots of HSTs that needed to be true, for sure I'd set it up again. Thanks for the reminder about it.


Brilliant!! I have never seen the Angler 2 before. Thanks for posting about it.


I love my Angler 2, I've been using it for years. Glad to hear I'm not te only one. It really is a great tool. I like the idea of using the painter's tape. I hate the residue left by regular tape. I always learn a little something from you. Thanks.

Allyson in Alaska

I've looked at the Angler at my LQS several times, but didn't think it was something I would actually use. Your testimonial may encourage me to give it a shot. Who knows? I could turn into a loyal follower. We could start an Angler Club. No boys allowed.


I love my Anger 1 and 2. I'll have to use painters tape. I never thought of that.

Kathy Wagner

I like the Angler 2 also. Haven't used it for a long time though...I miss it! Better think of a new project so I can use it!

Pam Kock

Ah, the memories. My mother, who was not a quilter but an avid seamstress, used to use that blue tape for EVERYTHING. She passed away about a year and a half ago, and you wouldn't believe the amount of blue tape I picked off of things: light switches, window frames, sewing equipment, and rooms she meant to paint but never got around to. Trust me, if you leave blue tape on something for a few years, it does indeed become hard to remove. But I get warm fuzzy memories whenever I use it, anyway. :)

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