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July 17, 2009



Sounds like the best time ever. Can't wait to see what you accomplish. Enjoy, deserve it!


Have a wonderful time! I know that you will.

Allyson in Alaska

Work on them ALL!

Have a safe trip. Enjoy the time away. And even better, enjoy the time with your daughter and sisters. You've got a trail of quilters green with envy this weekend. Can't wait to see your quilt tops on Monday.


I know that you will have the best time! Relax and enjoy the company... sounds like you will have a fabulous time no matter what your project is. And those watermelon margaritas sound DELICIOUS! Hugs, Elaine in SLO, Ca


Look at how organized your projects are all in their own little box! I love that and must work on doing that myself. I would have a hard time picking which project to take too. I guess either the one you most want to see finished or the one that you have the least amount already started. Or the one that will be the easiest to do because after watermelon margueritas your math skills might not be so good. Have a great time!

Tricia T.

Oh how fun! Enjoy the de-stressing!! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Pictures! I want to see pictures, so don't forget your camera.


Ahh, I'm thrilled for you to have this much needed break. Enjoy my friend, enjoy! I say take 'em all because I surely couldn't pick one either.


Sounds Marvelous! I would really like to try that watermelon margarita too, never heard of that one but sounds so...summery!
Have A good and safe trip!


Oh, my gosh Nicole, you have to work on Birdseye. My pattern just arrived. I love that one. Have a swell time! Nancy in WI


Oh ! Family that sews?? You LUCKY girl! Looks like its a 'Miss Rosie' project retreat! I got to take a couple classes from her BEFORE she published any patterns! She looks very different...I dont' think I would recognize her if I bumped into her. She was a great teacher and alot of fun...Don't forget the camera!


Wonderful! I am planning and dreaming of my quilting getaway that will happen in mid Sept. Enjoy your trip!


I say bring them all! And be careful with that rotary cutter when you're sipping those watermelon margies! Enjoy yourself!

Peggy Reilly

Aren't sewing retreats the best! You deserve a break and I vote for you to work on Toulouse. I love that pattern and actually purchased it, but haven't done it yet. I belong to a family that quilts also, and we have the best time when we get together. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.


Looks like you can't make a bad decision this weekend, I say work on the project that calls to you the loudest!

i bet those puppies will be so excited to see you when you get home, it will make the trip back to reality easier to cope with.

Have Nothing But Fun!!


Sounds like a fun weekend, and a great way to getaway from it all. I can never decide what to work on, so I would take it all.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Have a GREAT time - it sounds glorious!!


Have a great time away from the stresses of normal life, sew , laugh and thoroughly enjoy your self and eat alot of chocolate


Have tons and tons of fun! Birdseye is on my list of Have to Do's...I love it!

Nanna mary

It sounds good to me and whatever you decide to do will be perfect it always is engoy your time relaxing I will be thinking of you's having fun send hugs to everyone from me.
Hugs Mary.


Have a wonderful time! It is tough everywhere, including in my home, but we take it day by day. Enjoy a stress free weekend :o)


Time away from your regular routine will recharge your batteries and refresh your soul. Have a great time and really enjoy your family and loved ones.


neptune!! i see a trend in your pattern selection... ha!! have lots of fun and sew up a storm!

Karen Beigh

I really liked the part about wearing sleeveless tops and not worrying about flabby arms. That is real comfort with each other!

Mary Flynn

How wonderful to be able to just be yourself at a retreat and wear what you want, no worries besides how much stitching you can fit into the weekend! I'm sure you'll have plenty to share.

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