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August 03, 2009



Nicole, I for one am loving your blog, even though I am a "lurker" and rarely leave a comment. Keep on keeping us posted!

Debbie Myers

What's happened to your daughter's blog? Did she shut it down? Will she have another? I always enjoyed reading her blog~it was just beautifully written and photographed...I noticed that you still have it listed on your sidebar.. but for over a week now, no luck accessing it~~ :(


Good Morning Nicole! Glad you enjoyed your day off~60 hours is alot! And you deserve the nails. . .Good luck with those silly little pupsters!

Allyson in Alaska

Oh Nicole, you and i have had the same week....too many hours working, not enough hours for sewing, and feeling guilty about no quilt posts. Shall we convene at some upscale corner cafe and drown our sorrows in decadent chocolate? I'll be the one with the bags under my eyes.


Nicole: I have the worse nails. Thin, brittle, weak, icky, terrible cuticles. Just plain bad. And I'm a nail biter. Ok, so much for confessions. A couple weeks ago I said, no more. I went to Target and looked at all the nail products. What's a girl to do. I bought Sally Hansen "Healthy Cuticles Now" in a little orange jar and Sally Hansen "Nailgrowth Miracle" in a little gold bottle. Holy, Moly, I have NAILS!!!!! No hang nails, my cuticles look great and my nails are strong and growing!! I used to have acrylics when I worked but hated going in for the appointments. So if you ever give up on the acrylics, try these products. They rock!


What a beautiful rose!!! Thanks for sharing.


The rose is beautiful! I had acrylic nails for a very short time and getting them removed and dealing with the mess that my real nails were was a nightmare. I have never had nice shaped or long nails but at least they are HEALTHY! My family has been gone since Friday morning and won't be back until Wed night, I too am on dog duty. ARGH! He never barks, until now. Everytime I let him out he goes swimming in the pond which requires me to then clean and dry him. Why he is punishing ME I don't know! I stayed home! Punish your master for leaving you!!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thank you for the rose! I understand the nail thing, but suffered through them growing out enough to not hurt as a part of retiring early - it's definitely been worth it for me. I wouldn't get ANYTHING else finished if I worked a 60 hour week. You're good!


Nails are a funny thing, I love mine and I'm thankful they are real. I splurge on pedicures so I understand the nail issue. If it makes you feel great, then find another area to pinch, brown bag? office coffee instead of latte? dvd instead of theatre? I'm glad you got your nails back, if everyday you looked at your hands and had negative thoughts about your current situation, it wouldn't be good for your health!..and I hope you get some sewing time in, that also keeps us healthy ;-)


It's OK if you don't quilt, I still like to read your blog and see what you are up to. Hope you have a good week! Nancy in WI


Thank you for the beautiful rose photograph!

Its a wonder you had time to breathe working almost 60 hours last week! You deserve some quilty time this week. :)


Thanks for the gorgeous rose, Nicole! What a busy week you've had - we're looking forward to PP!


The rose is beautiful. Hang in there. 60 hours work does not leave any time or energy for quilting--that's my summer for the last 7 weeks. Now, the students are gone and I hope I am a committed as you are to dive right back into my favorite hobby. I love your blog and it is one of the first things I read everyday.


I completely understand what you are saying about the nails! How about a picture of them? Do you get designs on them?

ttfn :) Yuki


Beautiful rose - sorry to hear the dogs are at it when your dh is gone...and enjoy the days with your son!

Kathy Wagner

That is such an amazing photograph of your rose!


Beautiful picture! I don't wear nail polish, but when I did use some, I found that my nails became very weak afterwards. So now I don't use nailpolish or anything else, and I make sure I take a multivitamin. I find that both of those things keep my nails strong and healthy.

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