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August 13, 2009


Allyson in Alaska

Oh Nicole, bless your heart. What an absolutely dreadful experience. And how frightening to be worried about Sophie licking the oil. I would be beside myself with worry. Good luck at the groomers tomorrow. I hope things turn out well. Poor Sophie, stuck in her crate, wondering what she did wrong. She is a little mischief-maker, isn't she?


When you bathed her, did you use Dawn dishwashing detergent? That's what they use for birds & other wild life.

Molly in Sumner, WA

Yes, Dawn dishwashing detergent is the BEST. I had a parakeet that flew into a fly strip one time.....then flew into the carpet. Stuck to the carpet and completely gooey with fly strip stick'em and the vet said to use DAWN. It worked like a charm.


Aw, the poor thing. Hopefully the groomer can get it all out without Sophie having to go nude!


oh no, poor sophie, guess your son will learn to get rid of the oil after he pays this groomers bill!
Sophie will still look adorable when she comes home from the groomer today, hopefully they have some special soap that will get it all out
YOU I think need a weekend in your sewing room working on what you want to or maybe a trip to the quilt shop????


Oh Nicole...poor Sophie, and you're husband, bless his heart and you...OMG! You all need a wonderfully long, restful, peaceful weekend. Please take care!

Nanna mary

OH AH I bet your son is in trouble now poor sophie was just having fun. The joys of having pets they get in to mischief I hope it all turns out well for sophie.
Hugs Mary.

Jennifer Hogsed

Oh my!! I feel for you. What a mess. I hope the groomer can work wonders! I am sending well wishes for a good weekend your way!


Poor Sophie. . . .but this experience may (I said may)keep her from the wood pile. I haven't known too many dogs that like getting baths, and not as many as she endured.

Has DS finally moved the oil?

Take care,

Sherry V.


Have your son get her clean! Poor thing! She was SO proud of her achievement, and you turn around and "punish" her with baths. Sounds like something my sons and critters would do here.


Oh goodness! I definitely think that your son should pay for the groomer with all of that "extra" money that he should have since he's been saving it by doing the oil on his own! Hope that all ends up well...and that she doesn't lose all of her hair in the process :(


Dawn is the product and your son is the bather/groomer!


The rescue shelters here in the Northwest all use Dawn dish detergent (the original formula) to clean birds and animals after oil spills because it cuts through the grease the best. Hope all comes out well (pun intended to make you smile in a bad situation!). ~Adrienne~

Lisa D.

Poor Sophie! I hope she doesn't have to lose all her hair to get rid of the yuckky grease.


Poor you. xo

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I know, I know. It's not funny when it's your dog in this mess. But I can't stop laughing. Sorry. Bad dog, Sophie!


re dirty oil - take it to auto zone - they recycle it - so does wal mart (here) and likely other auto type stores. If he won't do it, hire someone and send him the bill!

Poor Sophie - and blessings to ya'll as you cope!


Oh bless your heart! Personally, I'd go "all in" for the shave down. I had a situation once (different yet dramatic) and is just said the heck with it - shave 'em all down. Three furry's went bald.

Gosh girlfriend, what a story. Hang in there.

Christine Thomas, Napa

We def need an update. It's been said what I wanted to say...Sophie is not in trouble...your $on $hould be. Poor thing...she was doing what she down prairie dogs. How is she supposed to know that the wood pile is off-limits.


I'm so sorry! Yes, Dawn liquid is the way to go. Take a bottle with you (or take one back if you've already gone). I had a cat come home one time covered in oil and I didn't realise it till she had sat on my couch!

By the way, I just had my oil changed yesterday at Jiffy Lube. It wasn't that much ($45.95 if they don't find air filters, etc. that need replaced). The best part is they check all those "fluidy things" that you forget to that can cause lots of damage ($) if they go empty. They put air in the tires if needed, which will improve gas mileage. AND they deal with the old oil.They check the serpentine belt. If that puppy breaks it's a major problem so they'll let you know the status of your belts. They recommend changing the oil every $3,000 miles, but Sweety says with todays autos and todays oil you can safely go at least twice that. So Ahren needs to be reminded of the adage, "penny wise, pound foolish".

I am so sorry for all of this, Nicole, and how tremendously stressful it is for you.

Sending lots of hugs!!

Shirlene in Oregon

Have your son pour the dirty oil into an empty gallon milk plastic jug with a lid. Then recycle is easy.


Poor Nicole! What a thing to happen. As others have said Dawn is the way to go to get oil out. It's what they use to wash animals hit by large oil spills.

Elaine S.

Oh, Nicole! Hang in there. Let us know how Sophie is. And you, too.....


Dishsoap is the best for animals! Sorry about poor Sophie~ah, oh I think someone's son is in a bit of trouble. He may owe her quite a few treats, and something for mom and dad may be in order, as well.


"sub-standard week"...more like the week from hell but keep those positive thoughts flowing.

I was so excited to see you had a post today but am so sorry for all of your troubles. I'm sure Ahren feels bad. Is there any clean-up required outside too?

I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing weekend...have you seen Julie and Julia...if not's an adorable movie...just what you need.

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