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August 05, 2009



Thanks for sharing your recipe. Despite sitting here with my morning coffee, it sounds appetizing!

Glad to hear that hubby is the "pack leader". It's not an easy position to obtain, but it is definitely important. I trained our past 2 dogs with the Alpha Dog Rollover method and it is certainly effective.

Have a great day.


Tricia L.

OMG! That sounds delicious. I will definitely be adding that to my recipe cards. Thanks!

Glad all is well and the Hubby is home again!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Easy to see who y'all's pack leader is. That pizza dip stuff looks so good. Think I'll make it for our next book club.


Thanks for this recipe. My dd is having some girls over on Thursday - and this will be perfect!


Sounds YUMMY!! Next time I have to take something, I'm gonna take this! Thank you!


Appy looks great, and congrats on getting Miss Paisly finished! Can't wait to see your pics tomorrow,


I can just smell the dip from here, Nicole - yum! Can't wait to see your PP finish!

quiltmom( Anna)

You and your sister find the best recipes- I still want to try the dessert that Andrea posted with sugar cookie base, cream cheese and fruit topping.
I will look forward to seeing your new quilt- I am sure that it is a beauty.
I am sure the pizza dip is great too .


Oh yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Congrats on finishing your Prairie Paisley...YIPPEE! My boys don't pay much attention to me either...they sometimes look at me like I must be nuts...Dad says something and they do it immediately...I guess they know the easy mark in our house...LOL! Glad everyone is well and behaving!

Karen Kissinger

Yummy! I have some Pasta Sprinkles that I never use too!

Nanna mary

Sounds yummy I am hungry now it looks so good.Those dogs know that you are a soft touch and they wind themselves round your little finger they know you will weaken.
Hugs Mary.

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