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September 09, 2009


Mary Flynn

I'm sitting here staring at the computer just smiling away at the write up and photos of Ozzie. It's a dog's life for sure!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

God bless him. I know he enjoyed the trip and the respite from his little sister b---h.


Little sisters can be sooo annoying! I only started getting along with mine when she moved 1500 miles away :) Sounds like the respite was good for all of you!


I'm so glad you had a wonderful little mini-vacation! I wish the weather could have been a little nicer, but it wasn't too bad. I wonder who came away more refreshed - you or Ozzie?


I just LOVE your dog posts!! Ozzie looks like one of those floppy stuffed animals you see, all furry and cuddly.

I'm so happy everyone had a good weekend.

Once home, was Sophie glad to see Ozzie and vice versa?


Oh thank you Nicole...a whole Ozzie post!

Lisa D.

Now that's one relaxed looking pup! I hope you and Dennis had just as relaxing a trip!


Nicole...I have been fostering a dog just like Ozzie for over a month now and life has not been the same. Our Jackson is just like Ozzie but more of a rascal if that is possible. This breed of dog is truly a "hoot". He runs around the backyard and bounces with each step...too funny. This is my first time with an Ozzie type dog and it has been quite a journey. Soon though he will be leaving for a new home. Ozzie looks great...thank you for the pics...

Tricia L.

Oh I hope Sophie wasn't too jealous! Good for Ozzie...he look like he needed a vacation.

Nanna mary

What A big sook that ozzie is He is worse than the kids. you cant help but love him.
Hugs Mary.

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