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September 25, 2009


Covered Porches

OK - I know I shouldn't laugh ... this is so totally NOT funny. But.... Well, look at it this way. You took a 'hit' for the team. Think of all the quilting sisters out there that you saved!!!!! Geesh, hubby is going to think you should not be left home alone.... Can't wait to see your next quilting project....


Thanks for the big laugh this morning you remember the Epilady? I did permanent damage to myself and my sister with that thing!

Maria Stahl

Bruised nether regions, what a great look. :o)

Jane Weston

LOL - I know I shouldn't laugh either...but as the two before me did, I reckon I'm in good company. I hope you heal up soon...just out of curiosity, have you tried googling it? There may be some special technique or flick of the wrist or something.


You are TOO FUNNY! I hope you are alright...


Oh, that is my laugh of the day - maybe the week! Sorry you got bruised down under!


Oh dear. $15 I wish. I pay $20 for eyebrows plus $10 for the upper lip. She uses something called a wax pen. The other part I shave using biniki zone gel. No wax is that part seeing wax.

Hope you heal soon.


I wax my lip, chin, side burns (which no woman should ever have to do... but I digress), and eyebrows. That way you have saved enough to splurge on the nether region (which I've never tried) and the underarms... which I have to say is my favourite thing to wax... not painful and soooo nice!

I've also waxed my arms by accident... I dropped wax and didn't want to look weird when I fixed my problem. But, I loved it!

I would recommend getting a waxing kit through a professional... it takes only a few mins to warm up and there's instructional videos with it!! Which were helpful


Yikes! You are brave. I've switched from having my facial hair removed by waxing to threading. The threading is less expensive $12 for brows and lip. And it doesn't leave those red bumps on my upper lip area.

DebS in CA

OMG - too funny! sorry 'bout that.
Maybe you and Sophie being on your own isn't such a good idea ...



The things I learn over here...each day when I tune in, I am never sure what I am going to learn, but I know it will always be SOMETHING! LOL. Duly noted!

Missy Ann

I get to laugh because I waxed last night. I messed up my one eyebrow to the point I'm having to color in with a brow pencil. And my chinie chin chin? I took off a layer skin. I look like I'm coming down with a case of leprosy. Ick.

Neosoparin (or generic) with pain killer is great for fixing oops a little faster than they would heal on their own.

The shame of it, all of this happened because I was over confident. I've been home waxing for a few months now and the last time I had done a wonderful job.


What is it with all this unwanted hair stuff???? Seems like you can't get it to grow where you need it (your head) and it seems to flourish everywhere you dob't want it!!! Seems like somebody should be able to figure this out. We can put a man on the moon but can't seem to get a grip on this growing problem (no pun intended)!! Go figure.

Sinta Renee

I am sorry to say that your pain has made me laugh this morning... really, I am sorry that you have endured this suffering all in hopes of getting a grip on "landscaping issues". It's ruff being a girl!


Sorry to laugh, Nicole, but you make my day! That $15 isn't so bad now, is it?


Could the problem possibly be the glass of wine I see in that picture?


hahaha. I bought the "new and improved" hair removal I use, now it's in a spray can. I tried to do the upper leg area and ended up with a brazilian! But no bruising. ;-)


OMG Nicole, I'm so sorry but I too laughed until I had tears rolling. I KNOW it isn't funny, but...well, the way you tell it, yes it is!!! I am truly sorry that you got all bruised up though, broke some of those tiny little delicate blood vessels somehow. OH...OUCH. Now, I was over the laughter and feeling really sympathetic until I read Chris's comment about the glass of wine and I was off into hysterics again. Thanks to both of you for a good healthy laugh, it is the best medicine you know. But please do be careful what new adventures you try. Maybe a new quilting project would be safer eh???


So needless to say we can now understand why people pay others to do that area for them. Ouch, just crossing my legs thinking about it.


Nicole, Do things you do best like quilt and leave the rest to professionals. Besides eyebrows and the girl areas are pretty delicate. Sometimes we spend dollars to save pennies.

Nanna mary

OH Nicole you do make me laugh but you need to be carefull with those kind of things they can damage your skin.Just go to the salon and miss out on A cup of coffee at the coffee shop to pay for it.LOL.
Hugs Mary.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Watch out, Sophie & Ozzie. The woman is armed and dangerous.


OH my....that does sound painful. Reading through your recent posts I see where things have improved for you. I hope all continues to be good!


I really shouldn't laugh, but I did chuckle a bit. Sister, I feel your pain. OWIE! This is why we have friends out in blogland. When we do silly things, we share and keep each other out of trouble and a mess of hurt. Hope your brusing heals soon with no residual effects. :o/

Darlene S

Nicole, I was wondering as a few others mentioned, if the wine was before or after your little experiment. I've never tried this, but after reading your tale, I probably never will. I guess I will continue in the old fashion way with tweezers and razors when the need arises. After you reach a certain age these things are not near as important! Glad you are not permanently damaged.

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