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September 16, 2009


Sherry Brandt

I'd like to put my name in the hat for the giveaway on Thursday night. I do love the fabric perhaps because my favorite color is RED!! I love reading your blog and Bonnie Hunter's. I feel like I am visiting with friends while I have my coffee in the morning. Thanks for sharing. Sherry Brandt


Oh I could have so much fun with this! I also really love what I've seen of this collection.


WHY???? :o))
Because its fantastic.. think its the old worn look that speaks to me.. I love old wowen fabrics... and this is it.. and with a touch with flowers..:o)) And Oh yes.. I am doing the Schnibbles... and I have already thought of using it.. would look fantastic ..dont you think!! :o))

Karen S.

Please count me in, this is a beautiful collection. Can't wait for it to get to the quilt shops.


What wonderful fabric...the soft


Why? Because it's evocative, elegant and down right gorgeous.

annie davis

There is just something about it that says "cozy"!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

For me, it is the color combination; I just love the way the fabrics work together.


Ooooo.....such beautiful colors and design....what's not to love?!! Thanks, Nicole!


What a wonderful giveaway..I just love this fabrics and had a project for them already...
So of course I want to bee in your giveaway drawing...

Lynda Green

Love a fabric line like this - biggest challenge is to decide which project to do! Would love to be included in the drawing. Thanks.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The color combination in this Rouenneries collection is just so appealing and timeless.

Covered Porches

I've got a honey bun pattern waiting on the shelf for that "someday" honey bun. Never had one before-- This would be perfect... Thanks for sharing.....

Sandy (Strlady)

Everyone has been saying great things about this line. I'd love to get my hands on it! Count me in.


Color combination and it's so romantic looking. Out of my comfort zone; I like more bright and whimsical stuff but this is gorgeous!

Thanks for the chance!


What an awesome giveaway! Please add me to the draw!!!


This is probably my favorite fabric collection of the season! Why? I love red, it's vintage looking without looking stuffy, it's elegant, and everything in the line goes together. I've already got 2 projects planned for it - and I never do that!


For me it's the red! I just love how the red works with the other tones in this beautiful family of romantic fabrics!!


The colors, the textures, the emotional response that it invokes - and so much more.

Jane Weston

Please count me in...I'd love just to fondle the's so pretty!!

Debbie What's not to love?


Those colors are the most lovely I have seen! Thank you for a chance at seeing those IRL :-)!


Love the rich colors!!

Missy Ann

Every single fabric, I see projects. I want the ticking for backing ornaments. The reds... oh the reds. And the bird, killing me. Can I wallpaper my dining room in that print?


I would so make something to keep for myself. That fabric is so me!

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