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September 16, 2009


Lynn Einarson

Actually it is a wonderful swirl of memories of the pillows and window treatments on my grandmothers farm. The jewelery kits she has also reminds me of the button jars in all my granny's sewing areas. Would love to win.


You are right, this collection is wonderful, and we can't get it in my part of the world. It's not fair (stamping my feet). Not sure I could bear to give it away if I had gotten my hands on those packages :)


Oh wow! I love this fabric because it just seems to go with everything and everyone! Even though it's "French" I truly can see even some really funky things made from it! Personally I think I'd be really tempted to use it to make something for myself...I'm kinda selfish!


This collection is so fab because of the color and easy elegance! I love your blog!


I love this line because of the contrasts and also the charm of the prints---so pleasing to the eye and then energetic with the colors! I would love to win this giveaway. :)


I live in Ohio - Ohio State/ red and grey. I can't wait to make an Ohio State quilt from this line.


Pick me, Pick me....I could have so much fun with this fabric.


Oh, my, that is a sweet giveaway! Please sign me up!


This fabric is too cute. I can't wait to see your project. I want to use the bird fabric for curtains in my dining room. I'm also recovering the chair cushions. Then theres's placemats...Oh, the's so pretty I have trouble deciding which fabric to use. Please count me in on your giveaway! Thanks for the inspiration.


I bought 2 chamrs packs at in between stiches yesterday, since I figured I don't qualify for the drawing. I want to join a year of scnibbles!


So sweet! I am not sure what I would make about it, yet.. I have so many projects going right now.. :) I am sure I would find something.


Ooolala. Looks so pretty. I would love to use it in a quilt.


Me in!!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase count me in! oh please.
I am making my very first quilt and just got lost on the color coordination... need help!

cathy payne

Vintage and french....what's not to like!!!!!Please enter me in your drawing. I enjoy your blog.. thanks for sharing. nurse payne


The colors are what makes the line so exciting. Rich and luxurious.


lovely, lovely colours. thanks for the chance to win.


This would be perfect quilt for my sister. Lovely colors

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh boy, I just made it. Sign me up, please.

Jan Andrews

WOW, what a marketing plan--to give product away to generate more interest. How generous of her! This is a gorgeous line Nicole, you are so right.


Lovely fabric--I see soft,faded, dreamy,feminine....wonderful purse inspiration!!


The fabric is reminds me of romance. It is just lovely

Debra in Ohio

I would LOVE to be in for a chance to win The French General. I would have to just look at it and just feel it for quite a while before I would be able to cut it up, though. I can't wait for the release!
I might use it in a Schnibbles. Oh, too many choices.
Thanks for the chance!


I love the colors, and I like how it looks like it has faded with time. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh, I hope I'm not too late! I am dying to get my hands (and my sewing machine) on this new fabric.


Oh my, I just found your web site!!! I found you from the article in the Fall/Winter issue of the Quilt sampler and love your site!! Wonderful fabric by French General, love this new collection it so beautiful!!!Thank you so much for sharing I hadn't even seen it yet!!! The stores around us don't get charm packs or really any of the rolls, so thanks again!!! Smile

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