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September 18, 2009


Sherry V.

Your blocks are wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing the completed top.


Hi Nicole,

The quilt is looking fabulous.

I have a question about the Fit to be Geese method vs Carrie Nelson's method. Do you like the ruler better than Carrie's method? And I am not wanting to put you on the spot on this. But I really liked her method.

Maybe it is just a case of what works best for each person?


Looking good, Nicole! I am starting late on this Year of Schnibbles, but I got my pattern and fabric yesterday, so now I have a project for the weekend. Wish me luck...I will check out the ruler.


I have my rulers ordered!

Mary Flynn

So many many ideas....need more time! LOL Congrats to your winners and it is always nice to see bloggers share what they find works for them. Thanks!!!

Sinta Renee

I love it, lovve the Schnibbles!


Your blocks look wonderful! This is the first time i've done flying geese and mine sure look like they are flying in all directions! I'm going to purchase those rulers just in case they do the schnibble that is all flying geese! Have a great weekend!

Allyson in Alaska

Love it!


Love your Winter White...your fabrics are that ruler!
Congratulations to the winners!


I too ordered the rulers, hope you're on commission! My geese don't exactly match when sewn point to point and I've lost a few points on the sides. I'm attributing this to the different ruler I used for the geese, not the quilter. I'll be eager to see how things improve.

I enjoyed looking around the "Open Gate" site. I recognized her logo, I just love that dog. I always look at her patterns in the LQS, the dog just calls to me.

Great job on the Schnibbles, it's all in the fabric choice! I'm still working on mine. I'm hoping to wrap it up this week so I can accomplish something else this month before the next one.

Is Sara going to eat that lamb? Oh my...


I have some flying geese rulers by Eleanor Burns that I haven't tried yet, but if your readers can't find the one you mentioned, these might be an option too. Went to a quilt show today and came home with great goodies- Winter Song is pretty, and even snatched up a grab bag with Simple Abundance in that is destined to become a baby block from Heather Peterson Mulder's new book on Runners.

Carol Lewis

Thank you so much Nicole, I'm so excited that I won the charm packs. I will send you a email with my address. My friend Mary @ Quilt Hollow emailed me and said I was so flippin lucky.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

I love those flying geese! Your blocks are looking great!


That ruler looks really cool! I have both the Quilt in a Day rulers and also an easy angle one as well! But who knows, perhaps I'll have to get me one of these too! Thanks for letting us bloggers know about another great tool!


The blocks do look great. I need to find one of those rulers, looks like a good one to me.


Nicole - This is going to fabulous as always. Have you seen this poem?

The Skeletons of Quilting by Jenny Riley


I am officially caught up! I decided to just sit back and read, read, read and not worry about commenting so much for the pleasure of I hope that was okay. Always interesting things going on here, always learn new things, always feel like it was time spent with a friend. Thanks for sharing!


Congrats to the winners of the fabulous fabrics :-) Tomorrow I will be attempting to make those flying Geese!!


Your quilt blocks are wonderful! Congratulations to your winners!

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